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The first week of the KBS MiniGP Academy started off with quite a huge turnout as young and eager talents in the two-wheel motorsports industry showcased their skills. 40 of these talented young riders were handpicked to join the program where their month-long intensive training will commence at the Tangkak Racing Track located in Johor. (more…)

  • Registration to the 2019 KBS MiniGP Academy is still open.

  • 40 participants will be selected to follow the programme.

  • Final selection is happening on 23rd November 2019, so register now.

Registration to the 2019 KBS MiniGP Academy is still open.

Did you know that Hafizh Shahrin began his racing career in miniGP? Look at where he is now.

In view of this, the 2019 KBS MiniGP Academy is an initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia (KBS – Kementerian Belia dan Sukan) to develop new talents in two-wheeled motorsports, with the objective of seeing them reaching the world stage.

The academy will be the starting point and stepping stone towards that goal for youths who are passionate about motorcycle racing.

The programme is open to all Malaysians aged 9 to 16 as of 2019. Final selection will be carried out in Tangkak, Johor on 23rd November. These 40 participants will then follow a one-month programme from end-November through December 2019.

Registration can be carried out online through The registrants will be contacted to attend the selection in Tangkak on 23rd November.

KBS MiniGP Academy CEO Dato’ Haniff Borhan said that the programme is a continuance since 2013, with the assistance of the KBS and Pitrides Motorsports. The academy has since given rise to a rider who is now racing in the FIM Spanish CEV Moto3 class.

So, don’t wait. Register now at

  • The Ministry of Youth and Sports will assist Hafizh Syahrin in his 2020 Moto2 quest.

  • The minister wants to ensure Hafizh’s continued presence at the world stage.

  • Hafizh had revealed he will not receive a salary from his team next year.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports announced that they will assist Hafizh Syahrin in his 2020 Moto2 quest.

The minister YB Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said that the funds will be channelled through the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). He also iterated that it is the ministry’s wish to see the rider continue to campaign at the world stage.

“I spoke with Sepang International Circuit CEO Dato’ Razlan Razali and will ensure that he (Hafizh) will continue to ride in Moto2, despite Petronas being unwilling to sponsor him,” said the minister.

Hafizh had previously revealed that he will not receive a salary for riding in the Angel Nieto team next year. Conversely, he will only receive incentives should he finish on the podium. That arrangement would leave him to source for sponsors to assist in flight tickets, accommodation and training while he is overseas.

Apart from this announcement, YB Syed Saddiq also spoke up against allegations that the current government does not care about motorsports, especially after Minister of Finance YB Lim Guan Eng’s announcement of providing RM 20 million funding to develop e-sports.

He said that his ministry had provided much funding to SIC in running race teams to develop future champions.

Pesuruhjaya Sukan Malaysia (PJS) memutuskan untuk mewujudkan Protem Motorsport Committee yang akan bertanggungjawab dalam menyelia dan mengurus hal ehwal sukan permotoran negara.

Pada 30 November tahun lalu, KBS telah membuat keputusan untuk membatalkan pendaftaran Persatuan Automobol Malaysia (AAM) sebagai badan induk sukan permotoran negara ekoran gagal mematuhi Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997.

Difahamkan AAM gagal mengemukakan Maklumat Yang Kena Diberi (MYKB) – melibatkan dokumen mini mesyuarat Agung, senarai ahli, penyata kewangan serta laporan aktiviti tahunan.

Segala tanggungjawab melibatkan sukan permotoran negara kini menjadi tanggungjawab Protem Motorsports Committee.

Sementara itu KBS turut menegaskan bahawa pelumba yang memperoleh lesen perlumbaan di bawah AAM boleh meneruskan aktiviti permotoran sukan seperti biasa.


  • The Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) will set up a Pro-Tem Motorsports Committee (PMC) in place of AAM.

  • The temporary committee will oversee motorsports activities.

  • The PMC will do so until the FIM and FIA nominates the official sanctioning body.

The Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS – Kementerian Belia dan Sukan) will set up a Pro-Tem Motorsports Committee (PMC), after the ousting of the Automotive Association of Malaysia (AAM) as the motorsports sanctioning body.

The KBS press release stated that the Malaysian Sports Commission has discussed the matter with KBS. The outcome of the meeting is to set up a temporary committee consisting of all motorsport bodies in Malaysia until a new sanctioning body is named by the FIM and FIA.

The PMC will oversee motorsport matters handled by AAM prior to their dissolution. As such, it will temporarily function as the National Sports Authority for the FIA (ASN-FIA) and National Motorsports Federation for the FIM (FMN-FIA).

The press release also stated that current AAM racing license holders may continue with their sporting activities as usual.

The statement regarding licensing will be a news much welcomed by the country’s professional racers. They had earlier voiced their concerns about the legitimacy of their racing licenses and insurance that were issued by AAM.

Sumber imej:
  • Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) telah menjelaskan mengapa Persatuan Automobil Malaysia (AAM) telah disingkir sebagai badan induk sukan permotoran negara.
  • KBS telah mengesyorkan Persatuan Permotoran Malaysia (MAM) kepada FIM bagi menggantikan tempat AAM.
  • Menurut Pesuruhjaya Sukan FIM, “AAM kerap kali melanggar peraturan.”


  • The Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) explained why the Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) was booted out as the sanctioning body for motorsports.

  • KBS recommended to the FIM that the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) take AAM’s place.

  • According to the FIM’s Sports Commissioner, “The AAM consistently broke the rules.”

The Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM)/Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) saga riles many feathers and had many racing enthusiasts talking about it. In the latest twist, Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS – Youth and Sports Ministry) joined the ring, calling for AAM to be booted out of role as the country’s authority on motorsports.

The minister of the department, Syed Saddiq said, “AAM has been suspended by the (FIM) Sports Commission for consistently breaching the provisions of the Sports Development Act 1997. Many warnings have been given out before.”

“It is important for international regulatory bodies to be aware of this and take whatever action as necessary. We do not dictate what they should or should not do.”

On the other hand, “MAM has always been registered with the Sports Commissioner under the Sports Development Act 1997 to carry out national motorsports events.”

He added that this was in effect from many years ago, even before he became a minister.

Malaysian Insider had previously claimed that Syed Saddiq sent a letter to the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) in September last year. The letter sought to recognize MAM as the sole Malaysian motorsports authority.

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According to the FIM’s Sports Commissioner’s Office, it cancelled AAM’s status as a sports body in late 2018 after the latter “broke the rules.” AAM did not submitted their year-end report and amending their own constitution.

AAM chairman Tunku Mudzaffar Mustapha, on the other hand, said that they had been in constant communication with the FIM, but was suddenly deregistered on 30thNovember 2018.

AAM is the only sporting body in Malaysia sanctioned by the FIM, International Automobile Federation (FIA), and International Carting Federation (CIK). Hence, participants need to apply for their racing license and insurance from AAM if they compete overseas.

Tunku Mudzaffar warned that international motorsports events such as MotoGP will be jeopardy since AAM is the sole sanctioning body.

Our take

Dato’ Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali had said that the SIC MotoGP teams registered their riders including Hafizh Syahrin directly with the FIM without the involvement of AAM or MAM.

But if the FIM accepts MAM as the sanctioning body in Malaysia, international motorsports events ought to continue, which contradicts AAM’s statement.

The reality is this: The AAM has long been reviled by Malaysian racers on both four wheels and two wheels. To them, the body had only been charging high premiums for the racing license and insurance but have done nothing to promote the country’s motorsports. “AAM is beyond reproach,” they said.

These grouses were aired to this writer when he was covering the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship from 2015 and many other motorsports events.


  • Kejohanan Cub Prix Malaysia dengan secara rasminya telah melancarkan siri perlumbaan Mini Cub Prix KBS.
  • Siri perlumbaan motosikal ‘pocket bike’ satu model ini adalah dengan kerjasama serta sokongan dari Kementerian Belia dan Sukan.
  • Ianya bertujuan untuk membangunkan tahap perlumbaan motosikal di peringkat akar umbi dengan bakat muda berusia 6-12 tahun.



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