Kawasaki Z900

If you’re looking into the best Kawasaki Z900 conversion kit in the market to date, the folks over at Japan Legends has something that might tickle your fancy. While naked bikes are the ‘in’ thing now, those who want something completely cool and different can opt for their Kawasaki ZXR exterior kit. Fair warning, it is AWESOME. (more…)

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Japan Legends, pakar motosikal kustom di Sepanyol telah menghasilkan kit ZXR yang boleh dimuatkan pada Kawasaki Z900!

Kawasaki Z900

Menariknya, kit terbabit membuatkan model Z900 tampil seakan-akan menyerupai model ZX900 klasik!

Sumber : Young-Machine

Difahamkan, kit ZXR900 itu telah pun habis dijual dan pihak Japan Legends ketika ini sedang menerima tempahan kedua dengan harga ditawarkan sekitar EUR1,750 hingga EUR2,850 (RM7,876 hingga RM12,827) bergantung kepada pilihan warna dan rekaan grafik.

Sumber: Young-Machine

Berikut pakej kit yang ditawarkan:

  • upper cowl
  • tank cowl
  • under cowl
  • tail cowl
  • lampu LED
  • cermin sisi
  • handlebar LSL
  • skrin MRA

Meskipun rekaan keseluruhan tidaklah sama seratus peratus namun ciri klasik yang ditampilkan sedikit sebanyak menyerlahkan lagi rupa Z900 itu terutamanya dengan kehadiran dua lampu buat di bahagian depan.

(SUMBER: Japan-Legends)

  • The recall for the 2019 Kawasaki Z900 line-up for a potential ABS issue applies to the US only.

  • There is no notice issued for Malaysian owners yet.

  • The issue arose after improper machining of the ABS pump.

The factory recall for the 2019 Kawasaki Z900 line-up over potential ABS issues is for the American market, only. has sought the confirmation from Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (KMMSB) over the matter. According to KMMSB, Kawasaki Heavy Industries have not issued a notice on the recall in Malaysia.

The current notice is issued by Kawasaki together with the American National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA). Therefore, it applies to Z900 line-up owners in the United States, at the moment.

The recall was made after the discovery of improperly machined ABS pump. The machining process has the potential of leaving aluminium debris inside. If this happens, the ABS pump could malfunction and cause the wheel or wheels to lock up.

Kawasaki USA confirmed that 497 units are involved in the recall and will notify the owners. If you are reading this from the United States, you may contact Kawasaki customer service line there 1-866-802-9381 (regarding recall number MC19-01). Please have your VIN ready. You may get in touch with the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 and quote campaign number 19V083000.

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) has unveiled their latest 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS.

Their latest modern-classic option is powered by the same 948cc inline-four engine found in the 2017 Kawasaki Z900 ABS.

KMSB has priced the Kawasaki Z900RS at RM69,900 for the Special Edition Orange paint scheme and RM 67,900 for Standard Edition. (basic price with GST).

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) has officially unveiled their first new bike of the year which is the 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS. This is Kawasaki’s first ever modern-retro bike since the Kawasaki W800 which was last manufactured in 2016 and it looks stunning for both current and old school riders alike. (more…)
















  • Kawasaki Z900 ABS 2017 terkini dianggap sebagai satu penambahbaikan yang hebat bagi model yang digantikannya, motosikal Z800.
  • Kami membawa motosikal Z900 dan Z900 SE (Special Edition) untuk satu sesi tunggang uji yang panjang untuk melihat sendiri prestasi motosikal-motosikal ini.
  • Bagi memberi perspektif, kami bandingkannya dengan model Z800 terdahulu dan juga model Z1000 bagi memahami sepenuhnya bagaimana Z900 ABS ini menjadi sebuah jentera super naked yang jauh lebih baik dari Kawasaki.


Our video review on the difference between the Z900 Standard and the Z900 Special Edition.

The latest 2017 Kawasaki Z900 ABS is considered as a major improvement to the model it’s replacing, the Z800.

We took the Z900 and Z900 SE (Special Edition) for a long term test ride to see how good these bikes really are.

To put into perspective, we’ve compared it to the previous Z800 and also the Z1000 to really understand how the Z900 ABS is a superior super naked machine from Kawasaki.

Naked bikes and street fighters have been a big part of the motoring industry even since motorcycle enthusiasts modified them to make their bikes more aggressive and perform better than ever before. Motorcycle manufacturers took note of this and ever since then, they’ve been churning out their ready-to-ride naked bikes and street fighters. (more…)



Berita baik buat para pemilik dan juga penggemar Kawasaki! Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (KMSB) akan mengadakan satu ‘roadshow’ pandu uji serta kempen penyelenggaraan untuk semua penggemar Kawasaki dan juga pemilik. Acara istimewa ini akan diadakan pada hari Ahad ini (14 Mei 2017) di Bulatan Bazarena, Stadium Melawati Shah Alam dari jam 10 pagi sehingga 6 petang.


Calling all Kawasaki owners and fans! Kawasaki Motors (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (KMSB) will be organising a test ride roadshow as well as a service campaign for all Kawasaki enthusiasts and current owners. The special event will take place this Sunday (14 May 2017) at Bulatan Bazarena, Stadium Melawati Shah Alam from 10am to 6pm.

2017 Kawasaki Z900

The event is called Kawasaki “Always Close to You” Roadshow, and KMSB will also be showcasing their latest 2017 models, including the new Kawasaki Z650 ABS, Ninja 650 ABS, Z900 ABS and Versys-X 250. Fans, current owners and potential owners will all be given an opportunity to test ride these models to get a first-hand experience.

KMSB will be setting up a specially arranged course designed to allow riders to feel the agility, maneuverability, versatility and light-weight handling of all the new Kawasakis.

As for current owners of Kawasaki motorcycles, all Kawasaki riders will get a chance to get their motorcycle serviced during the event with no labour charge. The service will be carried out by highly trained Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre (KESC) Glenmarie personnel.

KMSB has also planned other activities with its partners; Nestle Malaysia will be offering free Nescafe drinks for coffee lovers while other participating partners from Alpinestar Malaysia, Shoei Malaysia and Bridgestone Malaysia will display and offer their own range of products. AEON Credit Services and Tokio Marine Insurance will also be on hand to advise and offer their products to potential customers.

The roadshow activity is a part of KMSB program to reach out to their customers and the public. Kawasaki enthusiasts can stay tune for more updates from KMSB as they have planned for more roadshows. This is part of KMSB’s commitment to provide the best customer experience in-line with their roadshow tagline, Kawasaki Test Ride Roadshow “Always Close To You”.

Event : Kawasaki Test Ride Roadshow – “Always Close to You”
Date : 14 May 2017, 10am to 6pm
Venue: Bulatan Bazarena, Stadium Melawati Shah Alam

First impression of the Kawasaki Z900 and comparison against the Z800.

  • The Z900 is also a full 21 kilograms lighter than the Z800, which itself was oddly heavier than the then flagship Z1000.
  • The internal upgrades include a new crankshaft that is lighter by 700 grams, lighter pistons, a new cylinder head, open deck type cylinder block and a new intake.
  • Handling was predictable; the frame is designed to have as little bends and angles as possible, which then disperses stress quickly and evenly, giving the rider the most compliant ride possible.

The Kawasaki Z800 has been quite a darling among those looking for an affordable super naked motorcycle. The awesome edgy design and a smooth powerful engine made it a good bike for the daily commute to the office and to carve up mountain roads on the weekends. But it was far from perfect.

It was heavy which made simple manoeuvres like parking and u-turns feel as difficult as stacking sand bags. Most of the weight felt as if it were centred higher up at the top of the bike, making it a “top heavy” bike – easy to drop into a corner but difficult to pick up again for the next corner. Brute strength and serious muscle was needed to really wring the best out of the Z800, not to mention serious balls. It was a great bike, but needed some improvements.

And so that is exactly what Kawasaki aimed to change with the Z900. Having recently sampled it on a short 150km ride, we are pleased to tell you that the Z900 is leaps and bounds and stars and galaxies better than the Z800. It is also the de facto flagship bike now since the Z1000 is yet to be updated, if there is to be an update at all.

And just in case you were wondering, the Z900 is also a full 21 kilograms lighter than the Z800, which itself was oddly heavier than the then flagship Z1000.

21kg’ lighter does not sound like a lot, but you do feel the difference as soon as you get on the bike and turn a corner. It is more eager, more precise and a hell of a lot more manoeuvrable than the Z800. Heaving it around is a lot more manageable now too.

Making this possible is the new trellis frame that contributes the most to the weight savings. Not only does this frame weigh just 13.5 kilograms, but it also utilises five rigid mounting points, making it a stressed member of the frame, which in turn makes the Z900 a lot nippier than before.

Kawasaki also rid the bike of the subframe, a move that shaved a further 11kg’s off the total weight of the bike.

The light weight frame is further complemented by an aluminium swing arm, which shaves a further 3.3 kilograms off the total unsprung weight.

So the objective of making the Z900 a lot lighter than the Z800 was obviously achieved. But the new flagship is much more than a featherweight boxer, it packs a mighty punch too.

The 948cc, liquid-cooled four-stroke, inline-four-cyllinder is the other major improvement to the Z. The engine was designed to be quick-revving with most of the power stored at the mid and high-rev range.

Of course, power is up from the Z800 and now stands at 123.6hp (a 12.6hp increase from the Z800) and 98.6Nm of torque (a 15.6Nm increase), but because the engine is more rev happy than before, a lot more of that power is accessible much sooner, giving the Z900 some serious pulling power through all six gears.

The engine has a number of internal modifications that help it achieve its livelier character, the internal upgrades include a new crankshaft that is lighter by 700 grams, lighter pistons, a new cylinder head, open deck type cylinder block and a new intake.

But the engine is not the only thing that has been updated, the gearbox too is all-new. The ratios have been completely reworked for shorter ratios and this contributes to the wild acceleration and explains why the Z900 is so rowdy in the first and second gear.

In fact, slicing through traffic was best done in fourth or fifth gear, any lower and it is simply too eager to burst open, but on the highway, the zippy character was brilliant. Power was constantly available in all gears, even in sixth gear it will continue to accelerate towards the 11,000rpm red line. If it is constant power you want, the Z900 has miles and miles of that.

Handling was predictable; the frame is designed to have as little bends and angles as possible, which then disperses stress quickly and evenly, giving the rider the most compliant ride possible. The suspension was at factory setting, and it did feel a tad soft and lumpy in the bends, but both front and rear suspensions are adjustable.

The rebound and compression of the front suspension can be adjustable via a single control on the left fork, where previously you had to adjust both forks separately, risking an imbalanced set up. The rear suspension has been redesigned and now utilises a near horizontally mounted shock that is connected to a linkage system, which in turn is connected to a lighter, stiffer swing arm. The entire rear suspension is arranged in such a way that the weight of the bike and rider is centralised, eliminating the “top-heavy” feel of the Z800. The spring is adjustable for preload by 5.5 inches.

The new engine, gearbox and suspension gives the Z900 a lot more confidence than its predecessor. You can push this bike harder than before and it has what it takes to cope with all you can ask of it. It is lighter and more willing, which means you can carry mega speeds in corners. The combination of the engine together with the slick shifting gearbox ensures you are never starved of power, that I can personally testify to since this bike will still pull when you’re well into the rev-band of the sixth gear.

And just in case you run out of talent and approach a corner too hot, there is a new slipper clutch with assist function that ensures the rear tyre doesn’t lock up as you bang down the gears in a desperate attempt at using engine braking to slow you down. The clutch assist function makes the clutch lever extremely light, about 40-50% lighter according to personal estimates.

Kawasaki was obviously very serious about creating the best super naked in its price category, and it has come really close to doing it. Just incase the increase in power and diet program wasn’t enough, the company even carefully crafted an audible intake sound at about 6,000rpm where the Z900 sounds like it is sucking in some serious air, just like a sprint runner would at full flight.

The intake funnels are of varying length (50mm for the outer pair and 150mm for the inner pair) and this offers a balance of performance and intake sound. The longer inner pair contribute towards the low-mid rpm performance, while the shorter outer pair are the ones creating the whooshing intake sound.

On a personal note, the Z900 is very near perfect but for a guy of my height and size, the package is let down by the Malaysian-spec bike’s low seat height arrangement which made the bike feel too cramped.

It was not very comfortable even when sitting at the edge of the seat and resting on the balls of my feet – in the so called full race mode. I’m about six-foot tall and I could not find a comfortable position on the Z900 sadly. But with such a brilliant all-round package, maybe an aftermarket seat and foot pegs relocaters will do the trick.

The Kawasaki Z900 is an altogether different animal to the Z800 it replaces, sporting a totally different character but an obvious evolution to the older bike. Priced at just RM50,959, the Z900 seems to have it all. We’ll be spending more time with it soon, so watch this space. Meanwhile, just a note to Z800 owners, it is time to think of trading up, the 900 is really the bike to have now.

  • RM49,158 for the Standard Z900 ABS

  • RM50,959 for the Z900 ABS Special Edition (SE)

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia has finally announced the final pricing for their latest addition to the line-up, the highly anticipated 2017 Kawasaki Z900 ABS. There will be two different variants available in the Malaysian market; Standard and Special Edition (SE). The standard model is priced at RM49,158 and the SE at RM50,959 (basic prices with GST). (more…)


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