Kawasaki radar detector

  • Kawasaki adalah pengeluar terkini yang sedang mengusahakan pembangunan teknologi radar untuk motosikal keluaran mereka.
  • Sebuah paten yang telah difailkan oleh mereka telah mempamerkan sebuah sistem dengan radar hadapan dan belakang.
  • Sistem ini berfungsi bersama dengan brek dan juga pendikit.


  • Kawasaki is the latest manufacturer to work on equipping their bikes with radar.

  • Their patent filings show a system with front and rear radars.

  • The system works together with the brakes and throttle.

Kawasaki is the latest manufacturer to work on equipping their bikes with radar.

It is learned that Kawasaki’s system will either warn the rider or engage automated braking if it senses an imminent collision. In their patent filing, the system utilizes a front and rear radar detector. In turn, the radars control the brakes and throttle.

The front radar will scan the road ahead and apply the brakes if there are hazards. The rear radar, on the other hand, will detect fast approaching vehicles and alert the rider to take evasive action.

Kawasaki isn’t the first maker to develop a radar system.

Suzuki is working on equipping their bikes with radar reflectors to make them more visible to radars in other vehicles. Whereas Honda may equip the next Gold Wing with automated braking. All 2020 Ducatis will have front and rear radars in addition to cornering ABS. KTMs will feature adaptive cruise control and blind spot awareness system by 2021.

Vehicle radar technology isn’t merely experimental, as all new European-made cars are mandated to be fixed with automated or emergency braking systems in 2020. The decision follows joint studies by European NCAP and Australasian NCAP that automated brakes can reduce collisions by 38%.

So yes, bikes will definitely be equipped with radars soon.


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