Yamaha TY-E – Sumber imej:
  • FIM sedang melobi Jawatankuasa Olimpik Antarabangsa (IOC) untuk menyertakan acara penunggangan Trial-E.
  • Para penunggang motosikal trial adalah atlit yang mempunyai berkebolehan yang amat tinggi bagi membolehkan mereka untuk mengatasi sebarang halangan.
  • Jika diterima, acara Trial-E akan menjadi sukan permotoran yang pertama dalam Kejohanan Olimpik Paris 2024.


  • The FIM is lobbying the International Olympic Committee to include Trial-E riding.

  • Trials riders are supreme athletes in order for them to scale and clear obstacles.

  • If accepted, Trials-E will be the first motorsport in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The FIM (Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme) is lobbying to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to include electric trial motorcycle competition in the Olympic Games.

Trial riding is an awe-inspiring motorcycle sport in which competitors are challenged to ride over seemingly impossible obstacles. As such the riders are true athletes who have gone through years of conditioning and training.

The FIM is already organizing their own E-Trial series as part of the Trial World Championship. The riders ride electric trial bikes in the E-Trial series, which began in 2017.


In view of this, the FIM hopes the IOC will include Trial-E in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Each Olympics games add new sports. For example, baseball, softball, surfing, sports climbing, karate and skateboarding will be added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In order to enter a new sport, the IOC states that the activity must be youth-focused, allows both men and women to join, sustainable, spectacular, available on all continents and requires no new infrastructure. Trials riding does look like it meets all these requirements.

Jorge Viegas, FIM president, says “We are convinced that the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 represent a unique and historic opportunity to allow Trial-E to become the first motorsport discipline to be part of the Olympic Games. This great première will be the foundation for a strong relationship that will bring the FIM, the IOC and all the Olympic family closer together for many years to come.”

Trial-E will become the first motorsport in the Olympics if it is accepted. Malaysia has our own premier trial rider, Acoi Pangkolo.


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