Indian FTR Custom production motorcycle

  • Indian Motorcycle has finally announced that the Indian FTR1200 will be a production model in 2019.

  • The street-version is based on the Indian Scout FTR750 Flat Tracker and the Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom.

  • Judging by the name, the upcoming FTR1200 will probably run and updated 1,133cc V-twin platform similar to the one used in the current Indian Scout cruiser.

It was earlier this year when we heard rumours of Indian Motorcycle planning to churn out a production version of their superbly beautiful Indian Scout FTR750 Flat Tracker. This idea turned into an Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom concept machine which was introduced last year. (more…)

  • Indian Motorcycle telah memperkenalkan sebuah motosikal ‘flat tracker’, Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom, sewaktu EICMA 2017.
  • Setelah mendapat pelbagai maklum balas yang positif, ianya kelihatan seperti syarikat Indian mungkin sekali akan mengeluarkan motosikal FTR1200.
  • Motosikal FTR1200 Custom ini diasaskan daripada motosikal ‘flat tracker’ yang cukup berjaya, FTR750, yang telah memenangi tiga perlumbaan dalam Siri Flat Track Amerika 2017.


Indian Motorcycle introduced the Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom flat tracker during EICMA 2017.

After positive feedbacks, it looks like Indian is possibly going to put the FTR1200 into production.

The FTR1200 Custom is based on the successful FTR750 flat tracker which won three races in the 2017 American Flat Track Series.

Indian Motorcycle is known for their strong presence especially in the world of flat track racing. Their Indian Scout FTR750 ridden by the infamous Wrecking Crew in the American Flat Track Series has inspired the birth of the Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom concept machine. (more…)


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