hybrid prototypes

Kawasaki decided to surprised the crowd at the recently concluded Suzuka 8 Hours by showcasing a demonstration run of the company’s electric and hybrid prototypes.

  • Kawasaki unveiled the all-electric and hybrid EV models at Suzuka.
  • The all-electric is modelled after the firm’s Z range while the hybrid EV takes on Ninja’s design cue.

Team Green first unveiled the hybrid motorcycle project back in November 2020, one year after teasing the public with the electric prototype at EICMA 2019.

However, during the Suzuka 8 Hours weekend, the company decided to demonstrate the near-production version in front of the home crowd.

The fans were allowed to witness the all-electric and hybrid powertrains.

Based on the video below, the Z range styling carries the electric motor while the hybrid EV project bore full fairings modelled after the Ninja series.


Kawasaki showcased the all-electric Z range first and followed by the HEV motorcycle, which looks considerably larger than its electric counterpart thanks to its dual-mill setup.

The HEV model also considerably louder than the all-electric motorcycle.

Unfortunately, Kawasaki did not unveiled the mechanics behind the two projects but looking at the finishing, the Japanese marquee might introduced the two motorcycle soon.


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