Honda Talent Cup

Another young and talented racer lost his life to motorcycle racing and subsequently raises more saftey concerns for young racers.

Thannaphet Kusuwan, crashed on his Honda NSF 250 during the Honda Thailand Talent Cup pre-season test at Buriram Circuit.

Still only 17-years-old, Kusuwan died as a result of injuries sustained during the incident.


While his passing marks a tragic loss for the Thailand Talent Cup, the tragedy is one of many fatalities among young riders worldwide.

Just last year, 19-year-old Jason Dupasquier died during a Moto3 qualifying crash while Dean berta Vinales, passed away after he fell and was hit by other riders at the World Supersport 300 series.

Earlier this month, talented MotoAmerica rider, Jason Aguilar, died after sustaining injuries during a mountain bike session.

On February 7, Northern Talent Cup Champion, Jakub Gurecky was involved in a fatalcrash on his Ohvale minibike in Slovakia.

Meanwhile, in response to the series of death in the Moto3, World SuperSport 300 and European Talent Cup, FIM has raised the age limits for young racers in the world championship.


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