Honda CBR650R

Honda’s CBR650R, which made its debut in 2014 as a fully faired sportbike, was designed to deliver a thrilling and practical riding experience. Over the years, it has evolved, transforming into a high-performance machine while maintaining its everyday usability. In 2024, the CBR650R is taking another significant step forward with cutting-edge technology, enhanced styling, and a commitment to delivering pure sports riding enjoyment.

The Evolution of CBR650R:
In 2019, the CBR650F became the CBR650R, signifying a significant upgrade in sporty performance. This transformation turned the CBR650R into a four-cylinder sportbike that offers the adrenaline rush of an RR machine while remaining practical for daily commuting and cost-effective for the long term.

The Best Seller in Europe:
The CBR650R proved its popularity by becoming the best-selling sports bike in Europe in 2021. This success can be attributed to its user-driven improvements and significant upgrades to the front suspension.

A Game-Changer for 2024:

In 2024, the CBR650R, along with its naked sibling, the CB650R, became the first Honda motorcycles to feature the innovative Honda E-Clutch technology. This technology promises to make motorcycling accessible to riders of all levels. It works by allowing the rider to change gears without using the clutch. And they can engage the clutch again with the press of a button if they so wished to. This provides for practicality especially in dense traffic conditions.

Enhanced Styling & Technology:
For the 2024, the CBR650R undergoes a transformation in terms of style and functionality. The redesign includes a new headlight, fairing, rider/pillion seat, tail unit, and taillight, giving the bike a sharper and more athletic appearance.

A new 5-inch full-color TFT screen, optically bonded for improved readability in bright sunlight, is a notable addition. It also features Honda RoadSync connectivity, allowing for on-screen, turn-by-turn navigation and access to smartphone features. This user-friendly interface, managed by a backlit 4-way lefthand toggle switch, adds a tech-savvy dimension to the riding experience.

Unchanged Powerhouse:
The CBR650R’s four-cylinder engine maintains its impressive performance, delivering 93hp and 63Nm of torque. The in-line 4-cylinder engine provides quick acceleration and high-revving power, showcasing Honda’s engineering excellence.

Exceptional Chassis:
The CBR650R’s chassis remains perfectly suited for city streets and winding back roads. A steel diamond frame offers core rigidity, while 41mm Showa SFF-BP USD front forks and Showa rear shock provide top-tier suspension control. The four-piston radial-mount front brake calipers work in harmony with 310mm floating discs, and the cast aluminum wheels support 120/70-ZR17 and 180/55-ZR17 front and rear tires.

Color Options:
The 24YM CBR650R is available in two color options

  • Grand Prix Red Tricolour
  • Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) officially welcomes the 2022 CBR650R and CB650R for the Malaysian market.

After a significant suspension update in 2021 along with other improvements, both the CBR650R and CB650R gets new colour and graphics for 2022.

The 2022 CBR6650R gets refreshed visual for both the Grand Prix Red and Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic while the 2022 CB650R now comes in Mat Jeans Blue Metallic and Candy Chromosphere Red, joining the already available Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic.

We previously tested the 2019 editions and boy, both the CBR650R and the CB650R is probably the best middleweight motorcycle currently available in Malaysia.

The two models continue to roll on with 649cc, DOHC 16-valve, Euro 5 engine that’s capable to deliver 93.4hp @ 12,000rpm and 64Nm @ 8,500rpm.

Both the CBR650R and CB650R offers Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) that allow a better rear-wheel traction and 2-channel ABS for better braking.

Other features include:

  • 41mm Showa Separate Function-Big Piston (SSF-BP) upside-down fork
  • USB-Type C socket (under the seat)

The 2022 Honda CBR650R and CB650R is available for RM45,499 and RM43,499 respectively.

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) officially announced the 2021 Honda CB650R and CBR650R with significant upgrades.

The middleweight motorcycle now comes with Showa 41mm Separate Function Big Piston (SF-BP) forks, USD Type-C socket, refresh LCD and new graphics and colour.

According to BSH, The new fork provides a high-quality suspension system that offers better handling ability.

The SF-BP fork puts a pressure separation damper in one fork tube, and spring mechanism in the other delivers high damping performance and lighter weight.

Meanwhile, a USB Type-C socket located under the seat provides easy charging for smartphones, increasing motorcycle practicality as daily transportation.

Both motorcycles continue to use the same 649cc, DOHC 16-valve Euro 4 engine that produces 93.8hp @ 12,000 rpm and 63Nm @ 8,500rpm.

The 2021 CB650R is available with two colour options, Candy Chromosphere Red and Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic and priced at RM43,499, while the CBR650R is available in Grand Prix Red and Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic and priced at RM45,499.

Ketika Honda melancarkan CBR650F dan CB650F pada 2018, hanya bunyi enjin 4-inline menjadi tarikan sementara rekaan keseluruhan kedua-dua model ini gagal menambat hati peminat.

Mendengar keluhan itu, pada 2019, Honda melancarkan CBR650R dan CB650R dan bingkas meletakkan jenama itu kembali menerajui segmen ‘middleweight’.

Dengarkan reviu kami mengenai Honda CBR650R:

Selepas menguji kedua-dua jentera ini, rumusan kami, Honda tak main-main.

Honda CBR650R 2019 sememangnya layak untuk membawa nama abang besarnya, CBR1000RR Fireblade sementara CB650R yang merupakan adik kecil kepada CB1000R turut menawarkan keterujaan sama.

Suntikan enjin 650cc yang menjana 91hp pada 12,000rpm dan 64Nm pada 8,500 menjadikan kedua-dua model ini mainan untuk si penggemar pulas ‘throttle’.

Segala kuasa itu disalurkan menerusi transmisi enam kelajuan dengan sistem multiple wet clutch.

Bukan itu sahaja, memahami kehendak peminat dua roda masa kini, CBR650R dan CB650R turut didatangkan dengan fork upside down Showa 41mm berbanding fork Dual Bending Valve Showa sebelum ini.

Bagaimanapun, ciri utama yang membezakan kedua-dua jentera ini adalah aspek rekaan, dengan CBR650R menerapkan DNA CBR1000RR Fireblade dengan full-fairing sementara CB650R membawa identiti Neo Sports Cafe sepertimana yang terdapat pada CB1000R dan CB250R.

CBR650R menyerlah dengan rekaan lampu depan LED yang diinspirasikan daripada CBR1000RR sementara CB650R bercirikan lampu depan sebuah cafe racer moden.

Dengarkan reviu kami mengenai Honda CB650R:

Meskipun bernadikan enjin yang sama namun pengalaman tunggangan kedua-dua model berbeza dengan tempat duduk ergonomik CBR650R lebih agresif berbanding CB650R yang lebih menegak.

Tetapi persamaan yang paling mencuri tumpuan, kedua-duanya boleh mengambil selekoh dengan cukup baik dan sistem traction control dan ABS yang didatangkan ternyata memudahkan lagi tunggangan.

Sementara itu, pada pendapat kami, paparan digital boleh ditambah baik tatkala kelihatan agak malap terutamanya di waktu siang dan kadang-kala menyukarkan kami untuk melihat kelajuan dan kedudukan gear.

Selain daripada permasalahan remeh tersebut, rata-rata kami bersetuju bahawa Honda CBR650R dan CB650R merupakan jentera yang menyeronokkan untuk kegunaan harian dan sesuai untuk apa jua keadaan tidak kira untuk ulang-alik ke tempat kerja, sekadar tunggangan hujung minggu atau untuk beraksi di litar.

Honda CBR650R boleh didapati dengan harga RM45,499 sementara CB650R ditawarkan pada RM43,499.

  • The 2019 Honda CBR650R is the successor to the CBR650F.

  • The new bike is sportier, yet more comfortable.

  • As it stands, it’s the most powerful bike in its class.

The 2019 Honda CBR650R raised a lot of eyebrows when its concept was shown off at EICMA 2018.

The 2018 Honda CBR650F it replaced was already a good bike, of course, but the 2019 model has something else going for it, namely the 2019 Honda CBR1000RR styling.

Gone is the “diamond” shaped headlight, replaced by a pair of super-bright LED headlamps and an upper cowl which gives the bike an unmistakable shape. In fact, even we thought we were looking at the 1000cc model when the CBR650R rolled toward us.

There are a number of updates, as well. The new bike now has upside down Showa Dual Bending Valve (SDBV) forks; revised rear suspension, an LCD screen which resembles the one from the CB1000R, new wheels, seats, taillight. The new bike is also 5 kg lighter than its predecessor.

The engine was also reworked. The 650cc, DOHC, inline-Four has a new ECU and higher rev ceiling, among other things, bumping power up to 95 hp from 90 hp.

All that aside, the revised ergonomics was perhaps the best news. Honda moved the clip-ons forward by 30 mm and dropped them slightly. The rider’s footpegs were relocated by 3mm rearward and 6mm higher. Standard seat height was kept at an accessible 810 mm.

The new ergonomics was immediately apparent as soon as we got on. It gave us a riding position that had us “embracing” the bike rather than being perched on it. It felt a whole lot more “normal” than the weird position of the old bike. The old bike placed us low in the seat while the handlebars were somewhere between neither sporty nor comfortable. The new seating position is sportier but gave a more natural reach to the handlebars, so that your palms are not pressed onto them.

The new ECU kicks the engine into life with a deep VROOM. The engine was pretty silent without much mechanical noises, too.

There is traction control albeit a basic type without different modes. ABS is standard.

The clutch needed some getting used to as it engages very near the end of the lever’s travel. Some adjustments later gave the lever plenty of freeplay, instead.

Let out the clutch, add some gas and the bike pulls away hard from idle and all the way through its rev range. The exhaust note starts with a roar rather than a howl. These aspects surprised us as they were the opposites of 600-650cc inline-Four bikes. In fact, the engine felt a whole more like a three-cylinder engine, given its urgent torque. The way it punched forward and that roar and subsequent howl from the exhaust made us think of the CBR1000RR.

The 600cc inline-Fours we tested in the past needed to revved past 5,000 RPM for any meaningful acceleration. It’s this point that 600cc inline-Fours received a bad reputation in other countries as being gutless. That’s why other manufacturers such as Kawasaki and Yamaha went to the two-cylinder format, instead.

Not so the CBR650R. It had plenty of pulling power in its midrange, as well. As such, we found ourselves riding through heavy traffic in fourth or fifth gear, without needing to downshift often. Just crack the throttle open and the bike takes off.

Well done, Honda.

As for the handling, whereas the previous bike’s was “okay” the new bike’s would slay plenty of other bikes when maneuvering and cornering. The revised ergonomics makes the bike feel like a 250cc bike between the legs and arms, letting you chuck the bike around with abandon.

Coupled with its light weight, the bike absolutely flew through corners.

But! That was after we adjusted the rear suspension. Remember, the CBR650R may have a number of “R” but it isn’t an out-and-out sportbike like the CBR600RR. Instead, it’s a daily “sporty bike.” In its standard setting (or that some previous tester had adjusted it), the rear shock’s preload had the rear end of the bike squatting too much. In fact, it looked like the rear part of the belly pan was near the ground.

In this setting, too much weight was shifted to the rear and the handlebars wiggled as we neared maximum lean. Cranking up the preload (by 4 positions on the ramped adjuster collar) of the shifted some weight to the front, allowing the bike to steer much quicker and become more stable at deep lean angles.

Again, being an everyday bike meant that the suspension was a little soft in terms of compression damping. Consequently, it felt harsh when contacting large bumps as there was too much rebound damping, instead.

The lack of compression damping in the forks made them dive like crazy during hard braking, which had the rear of the bike wriggling about. It’s exciting if you’re bred on MX or supermoto, but scary if you’re a new rider.

It may not be a big deal for prospective owners, but it needs to be reworked by a suspension specialist if you intend to ride it at the track. (This writer is considering to buy one for track use.)

One last note before we end this review. That engine is super frugal on petrol! 12 litres of RON 95 usually returned around 250 km despite our hamfisted riding i.e. hard acceleration and high running speeds (140 to 170 km/h) on a consistent basis.


The 2019 Honda CBR650R is as good as it gets for a bike of this category and price point. Don’t compare it to the supersports bikes like the Kawasaki ZX-6R or Yamaha YZF-R6, or the upcoming Aprilia RS 660 as those are pure sportbikes. The CBR650R is an everyday bike, on the other hand.

As per the RM 45,000 sub-700cc category, it’s the best handling and powerful bike. It’s worth the money, hence why we call it the Baby Fireblade.

  • The 2019 Honda CBR650R and 2019 Honda CB650R were launched today.

  • Both bikes were first unveiled at EICMA 2018.

  • Both models have been extensively upgraded yet priced close to their predecessors.

The eagerly awaited 2019 Honda CBR650R and 2019 Honda CB650R were launched today (watch video below).

The bikes were launched by Boon Siew Honda Malaysia (BSH) at the Malaysia Autoshow 2019, at MAEPS Serdang. Fans and enthusiasts can view the new bikes between 11thto 13thApril 2019.

Mr. Keiichi Yasuda, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BSH launched the bikes. In his speech, Mr. Yasuda said, “In 2018, Boon Siew Honda successfully launched 7 models of high performance big bikes in Malaysia. We are happy to have received overwhelming response from the market. And, we shall also look into the middleweight segment demand. Therefore, today we launched the all-new CBR650R and CB650R.”

2019 Honda CBR650R (from RM 45,499)

For the last time, the CBR650RR is NOT from the CBR600RR’s lineage. Clear? Good. And who said it was going to cost in the vicinity of RM 75,000 to RM 80,000?!

The CBR650R replaces the pervious CBR650F as Honda’s middleweight sportbike.

In line with the “CBR” designation, the 2019 model is made sportier to distance itself from its naked brethren, the naked CB650R. So, the CB650R is no longer a CBR650F without clothes.

  • New styling inspired by the CBR1000RR Fireblade superbike. The single “diamond” headlamp makes way for twin aggressive LED headlamps; and the fairing’s rear part is extended further back.

  • Revised rider ergonomics. The handlebars are repositioned 30mm forward to put more weight on the front wheel plus for a sportier riding position. Similarly, the footpegs were moved 3mm back and 6mm higher. Yet, seat height remains at an accessible 810mm.

  • Higher engine power. The inline-Four now revs to 1,000 RPM higher. Consequently, there is a 5% percent gain in maximum power from 90 to 94 HP at 12,000 RPM.

  • Assist and slipper clutch. The assist function allows lighter clutch lever operation. The slipper function, on the other hand, minimizes rear tyre hop when downshifting aggressively.

  • New running stock. The forks are now 41mm upside-down Showa SFF (Separate Function Forks). Braking duty is handled by a pair of Nissin 4-piston calipers that are radial-mounted.

  • Lower weight. The new bike is 6kg lighter.
  • New features. Such as full LED lighting; A new LCD instrument panel which includes gear position and shift indicator.
  • Traction control. The Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) traction control strategy finally makes its way into the model.
  • Two colours. Grand Prix Red and Matt Gun Powder Black Metallic.

Priced from RM 45,499 (basic selling price).

2019 Honda CB650R (from RM 43,499)

The 2019 CB650R replaced the CB650F as the middleweight naked sportbike. Besides that, the new CB650R completes Honda’s Neo Sports Café line-up, which already consists of the CB250R and CB1000R.


Modern and minimalist design. As part of the Neo Sports Café family, the bike’s styling mixes classic and modern elements. Honda calls it the “compact, trapezoid” effect.

  • The round headlight and sculpted tank form the front and “backbone,” respectively while the engine hangs below in full view.

  • Higher engine power. The engine is shared with the CBR650R. Revisions to the intake, cam timing, compression and exhaust yielded a 5% increase in power to 94 HP.

  • Relaxed ergonomics. The riding stance is more relaxed compared to the CBR650R’s.

  • Shared specs with CBR650R. Suspension, brakes, assist and slipper clutch, LED lighting, HSTC traction control are shared with the CBR650R.

  • Two colours. Candy Chromosphere Red and Graphite Black.

Priced from RM 43,499 (basic selling price).

  • Honda UK turut mendedahkan harga bagi model Honda CBR650R 2019.
  • Motosikal CBR650R baharu telah dipertingkatkan keluaran kuasa dan dikurangkan beratnya.
  • Dan paling mengujakan sekali, ia kini tampak seperti sebuah CBR1000RR Fireblade!


  • Honda UK has also revealed the 2019 Honda CBR650R’s price.

  • The new CBR650R has gained power while lost some weight.

  • Best of all, it now looks like a CBR1000RR Fireblade!

Ready to lose sleep? We reported on Honda taking the wraps off the 2019 Honda CBR650R at EICMA 2018 and it garnered plenty of positive interest. But just as Honda UK revealed its CB650R sibling’s price yesterday, they now do so for the CB650R, as well.

The CBR650R is the replacement for the current CBR650F fully-faired midrange sportbike. The new bike uses the same engine as the CB650R Neo Sport Café, which has gained 5% more power. Together with a weight reduction of 6kg from the frame, fuel tank and other parts, the new bike gains 8% in terms of power-to-weight ratio. That is something a rider can feel.

Its ergonomics has also been revised to provide a more aggressive ride. The clip-on handlebars are 30mm further in front, in addition to being lower. Similarly, Honda moved the footpegs back by 3mm and 6mm higher. This arrangement puts more of the rider’s weight over the front wheel for sportier handling.

Honda has also updated the chassis. The new bike features fully-adjustable Showa SFF upside-down forks and radially-mounted Nissin four-piston calipers.

Last but not least, the package is wrapped in a bodywork inspired by the company’s flagship CBR1000RR Fireblade sportbike.

Although the CBR650R doesn’t produce as much power as the discontinued CBR600RR, the former is still a motorcycle worthy in filling the gap. In fact, the CBR600F would look like the CBR650R had it continued on its development arc.

Oh yes, the price. The 2019 Honda CBR650R sells for £7729 (RM 40,730.66 as on 15thJanuary 2019) on the road.

Try getting some sleep now. Goodnight.

  • Motosikal Honda CBR650R 2019 telah membuat kemunculannya sewaktu acara EICMA 2018.
  • Honda telah melucutkan designasi “F”-nya dan menjadikan motosikal ini lebih agresif.
  • Kami harap yang Honda dapat mengekalkan harga motosikal baharu ini seperti model CBR650F.


  • The 2019 Honda CBR650R makes its appearance at EICMA 2018.

  • Honda has dropped the “F” designation and made the bike more aggressive.

  • We hope Honda could maintain the new bike’s price like the CBR650F’s.

The 2019 Honda CBR650R was unveiled next to the CB650R Neo Sport Café at EICMA 2018.

Notice that Honda has dropped the “F” designation for the 2019 650cc models, so it will be less confusing. But it isn’t just a name change.

We tested its predecessor earlier this year. We called the 2018 CB650F “Between Two Worlds” as it combined sportiness with everyday practicality.

2018 Honda CBR650F Test & Review – “Between Two Worlds”

The new bike continues this legacy, but Honda has updated it in more ways than one.

Starting from the engine, the 2019 650cc, DOHC, inline-Four sees upgrades identical to the CB650R. The updates include works to the engine, fueling (ECU), and higher rev limit. The revisions yield nearly 5% increase in power (from 90 bhp to 95 bhp) and improved torque delivery. Additionally, there is a 6kg reduction in weight. That equals an 8% improvement in power-to-weight ratio.

The riding position of the 2019 bike is more aggressive. The clip-on handlebars are moved 30mm to the front and lowered. The footpegs are 3mm rearward and 6mm higher. Seat height remains at a comfortable 810mm.

The 2019 CBR650R has a new styling which looks pretty much like its CBR1000RR bigger brother, too.

We have a feeling that the 2019 CBR650R will fill the void left by the Honda CBR600RR. Honda will definitely have a winner if they could maintain the 2019 CBR650R’s pricing in the range of the 2018 CBR650F.

We only wish it has a quickshifter.


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