• HI-REV has officially launched their entire racing line-up for 2018.

  • A total of 13 bikes and two cars will be competing in different racing series from the Malaysian Cub Prix, Malaysia Superbike Championship, and many more.

  • HI-REV also introduced their latest premium performance lubricant which is the TorQe Pro Fully Synthetic 5W40.

HI-REV Racing has officially unveiled their 2018 satellite teams which will be competing in a number of different racing series for both two and four wheels. The unveiling was done at Genting Highlands where the race machines from different racing teams were also introduced. (more…)


  • bersama dengan GB Workshop telah mengadakan sebuah bengkel mengenai penyelenggaraan motosikal yang betul dinamakan I-Workshop.
  • Diadakan di The Gasket Alley, seminar santai ini disasarkan untuk pemilik Vespa, Scomadi, Benelli, dan Aprilia memberi tunjuk ajar bagaimana untuk menyelenggara motosikal mereka dengan sewajarnya dan apa yang perlu diberi perhatian sewaktu penyelenggaraan.
  • Bengkel itu dengan jayanya telah berkongsi maklumat berguna serta pengalaman kendiri buat pemilik motosikal bagi memastikan yang motosikal kesayangan mereka sentiasa dalam keadaan sedia untuk ditunggang.

(more…) together with GB Workshop conducted a workshop on proper bike maintenance dubbed the I-Workshop.

Held at The Gasket Alley, the laid-back seminar targeted for Vespa, Scomadi, Benelli and Aprilia owners on how to properly maintain their bikes and what to look out for when it comes to servicing.

The workshop was successful in providing valuable knowledge and firsthand experience to the bike owners to ensure that their beloved bikes are always ready to ride.

Our dear friends from conducted a very successful program earlier today dubbed the I-Workshop for a bunch of Vespa, Scomadi, Benelli and Aprilia bike owners and enthusiasts. With the goal of educating these bike owners regarding the importance of bike maintenance, the casual workshop / seminar was held at The Gasket Alley, Petaling Jaya with the help from the great folks over at GB Workshop. (more…)

Hi-Rev Racing set for another year of competition in Cub Prix and ARRC.


New and specially developed torQe Superbike Oil by Hi-Rev introduced at RM50 and RM75.



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