Harley-Davidson held a huge event just last week to celebrate the firm’s 120th anniversary. 

  • The Chinese-build Harley-Davidson X350 is heading to the US.
  • The X350 is equipped with a parallel-twin 353cc engine similar to the Benelli 302s but with a bigger bore. 

The American motorcycle company took the opportunity to announced it’s 2023 lineup, including the Nightster Special and the Breakout. 

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated Chinese-build X350 and X350RA was not included in the announcement. 

However, latest report suggest that the X350 and X350RA, a product of Harley-Davidson’s partnership with China’s Qianjiang Motors is also heading to the US as confirmed by new VIN information. 

Interestingly, managed to obtained o copy of the X350 owner’s manual and an image of the motorcycle.

According to reports by Dennis Chung, the owner’s manual disclosed some of the bike’s information including the powertrain. That said, powering the Harley-Davidson X350 is a 353cc parallel-twin with  eight-valve liquid-cooled mill.

However, while the X350 makes 36hp the X350RA power output is restricted to just 26hp. 

The VIN information also confirms that the X350 is equipped with analog speedometer with small digital display, damping adjustable inverted front fork, ABS and dual-petal disc brakes.

Also, the X350 runs on 17-inch front and rear wheels shod with Pirelli’s Angel CT tires with 120/70-17 up front and 160/60-17 at the rear. However, the X350RA is equipped with slimmer wheels, 110/70-17 at the front and 150/60-17 at the rear. 

The X350 also claims a weight of 199.5kg and 12.8 litres of fuel tank. 


Harley-Davidson is set to put the Pan America 1250 to a proper test as the all-new adventure bike will compete at the Baja Espana Aragon.

  • the Pan America 1250 will face the scorching heat of the Teruel desert in July. 
  • Joan Pedrero will pilot the stock Pan America 1250. 

While the Milwaukee-based company is well known in the MotoAmerica King of the Baggers series and in American Flat Track, the brand is still unknown for its racing exploit in Europe.

However, things are about to change as Harley-Davidson will send a stock Pan America 1250 piloted by Spanish rider Joan Pedrero to the Spanish Rally.

Although the brand is mostly known for its range of cruisers, the introduction of the Pan America 1250 has taken the brand into new territory and surprisingly well accepted by not just Harley owners’ but also adventure bike enthusiast.

After establishing itself as an off-rad brand of sorts, the Baja Espana Aragon will further imprint the American brand in international racing.

The Baja Espana Aragon, regarded as the most important races in the Spanish All Terrain Rally Championship will celebrate its 38th edition between 22-24 July 2022.

According to Harley-Davidson, the Pan America 1250 will compete in the Trail category.

Baru-baru ini Harley-Davidson memperkenalkan model Nighster yang dikuasakan enjin Revolution Max 975T serba baharu.

Menariknya, enjin 975cc dengan penyejukan cecair itu sepatutnya diperkenalkan lebih awal menerusi model Bronx.

Harley-Davidson memperkenalkan motosikal konsep ‘Bronx’ pada 2018 dan merupakan sebuah model ‘streetfighter’ yang didedahkan bersama-sama Pan America dan Sportster S pada waktu itu.

Pan America

Ketika projek Pan America dan Sportster S diteruskan dan telah pun dilancarkan, Harley-Davidson membuat keputusan untuk menghentikan projek Bronx ekoran strategi ‘Hardwire’ yang bertujuan mengolah semula arah tuju syarikat.

Bagaimanapun, laporan terkini mengesahkan projek motosikal ‘streetfighter’ itu akan kembali dihidupkan setelah Harley-Davidson memfailkan semula tanda nama Bronx di Amerika Syarikat.


Berbeza dengan permohonan pada 2017 yang sekadar untuk mendapatkan hak kepada nama ‘Bronx’, permohonan tanda nama kali ini pula meliputi segala aspek termasuk ‘dengan niat untuk digunakan’ .

Jika diimbas kembali, Harley-Davidson tidak pernah (secara rasmi) memaklumkan bahawa projek Bronx diberhentikan.

Sebaliknya, permohonan tanda nama Bronx buat kali kedua mengesahkan projek itu hanyalah ditangguh buat sementara waktu dan bukannya dihentikan.

Namun, buat masa ini tidak dapat dipastikan sama ada rekaan Bronx akan mengikut rupa prototaip yang didedahkan lima tahun lalu.

Apa yang pasti, Harley-Davidson Bronx akan digerakan enjin Revolution Max 975T yang sama terdapat pada Nightster.

Harley-Davidson julung kalinya memperkenalkan motosikal ‘entry-level’ dengan sistem penyejuk air selepas kali terakhir melakukannya pada 65 tahun dulu.

Mengembalikan semula nama Nightster, model baharu itu meneruskan DNA Harley-Davidson dengan penampilan klasik namun dilengkapi dengan beberapa ciri elektronik terkini.

Namun, tumpuan utama terarah kepada bahagian enjin, yang menempatkan platform 975cc serba baharu yang dibangunkan daripada platform Revolution Max 1250 yang menggerakan Pan America.

Harley-Davidson mendakwa enjin V-Twin 60-darjah dengan sistem penyejuk air itu mampu menjana 88.5hp pada 7,500rpm dan 95Nm pada 5,000rpm.

Bagaimanapun, ketika Revolution Max 1250 mengguna pakai ‘variable valve timing’ pada kedua-dua inlet dan injap ekzos, enjin 975cc terbaru ini hanya menampilkan VVT pada bahagian ‘inlet cam’ sahaja.

Harley juga hanya menerapkan satu ‘sparkplug’ bagi setiap silinder berbanding dua ‘sparkplug’ pada enjin 1250.

Antara ciri lain yang terdapat pada Harley-Davidson Nighster 2022 adalah seperti berikut:

  • tangki 11.7L
  • berat 221kg
  • tiga mod menunggang (Road/Sport/Rain)
  • ABS
  • Traction Control
  • Drag-Torque Slip Control System
  • fork depan 41mm Showa Dual Bending Valve
  • penyerap hentakan belakang berkembar Showa
  • lampu LED penuh
  • paparan LCD dan analog

Harley-Davidson has suspended the shipment of new motorcycles to Russia amid the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The decision supports America’s sanctions against Russia’s invasion of its neighbouring country.

2021 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special

Harley-Davidson officially joins various large companies in suspending their business with the country, including General Motors, Ford, BMW, and most recently, Volvo.

Although the Milwaukee-based firm has around ten dealerships in Russia, Chris Hodson, senior analyst at Edgewater Research, stated that the country is not an essential market for the brand.

“Russia is not that significant of a market, to begin with.

“Any units that have been earmarked for Russia can be diverted elsewhere,” he said.

Regardless, Europe still remains the second biggest market for Harley-Davidson, after the United States.

(Source: Reuters)

When Harley-Davidson announced its 2022 returning model, the Low Rider S was conspicuously absent from the lineup.

While some assume that the Low Rider S falls victim to Harley’s Hardwire initiative, we believed there could be another side to that story.

It looks like we are not the only one as the folks at managed to connect the dots from various sources (mainly Brazilian blogger, Dan Morel and German blog that the Low Rider S is still alive.

According to reports, the Low Rider S could get a bump to 1,923cc or 117CI engine, possibly the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powerplant. even went as far as to publish an official-looking spec sheet.

Nonetheless, managed to verify that the Low Rider S is making a comeback in 2022 in two colour options, Vivid Black and Gunship Gray. Interestingly, the American brand dealer in Thailand also claimed to have sold a 2022 Low Rider S.

Considering that Harley-Davidson has set a date for a new model launch on January 26, the model teased is likely the 2022 Low Rider S.

Moreover, the tagline “Further. Faster” supports the premise of an engine upgrades from the previous 1,870cc to the 1,923cc.

Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) has emerged as the Best After Sales In Asia Emerging Markets for the second time this year.

The award proves that H-D of Petaling Jaya once again offers the best technician competency in providing the best after-sales to all H-D owners in Malaysia.

The success was a continuation of H-D of Petaling Jaya achieving the Dealer Aftersales Award for Q1.

According to Goh Kian Sin, Chairman of Goh Brother Group, the award is something that the team at H-D of Petaling Jaya should feel proud about.

“H-D PJ will continue to strive to be the best, to offer all our H-D customers the ultimate ownership experience, regardless of the age of your Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

“Our motto has always been “Let us win your trust” from the incorporation of our dealership since 2017.

“The current dealership is under the supervision of Mr Lau Chye Wang as Dealer Principal and the After Sales is led by Ahmad Fikeri.

“H-D PJ has proved its top-notch after-sales service by winning the After Sales award for the second time in the second quarter of 2021 amongst the Asia Pacific dealers. This is something that we can be proud of as we make Malaysia stand out on the global map,” he said.

Meanwhile, in other news, Harley-Davidson of Penang secured the “Best Dealer of Quarter Two” award against the rest of the dealers in Asia emerging markets.

The award recognised H-D of Penang’s capabilities of handling customer issues and relationships while adhering to the brand standards and trademark.

The success of both H-D of Petaling Jaya and H-D of Penang prove received high praise from Goh.

“It is indeed a double celebration for the Goh Brothers Group as two of our dealerships in Malaysia received the recognition from H-D this quarter, one being the Best Dealer and the other for Best After Sales.

“I would like to thank my business partner Mr Kheoh Hock Seng for the dedication and tireless effort of him and his team to be number one in Asia and putting our dealership H-D of Penang on the global map,” he added.

  • Harley-Davidson telah membeli syarikat StaCyc dan akan memperkenalkan basikal elektrik ‘e-Push’ untuk kanak-kanak.
  • Basikal itu dengan itu akan dijenamakan sebagai Harley-Davidson.
  • Terdapat dua buah model dengan ketinggian yang berbeza akan diperkenalkan untuk kanak-kanak.


  • Kumpulan pemilik Harley-Davidson Petaling Jaya, HOGPJ, telah menganjurkan satu tunggangan bagi menikmati satu hidangan yang istimewa pada hujung minggu lalu.
  • Hampir 100 orang peserta telah menyertai satu konvoi ke Segamat, Johor yang terkenal dengan udang galah.
  • Tunggangan kali ini telah dikawal selia dengan mahir sekali dari awal sehingga ke penghujungnya.


  • Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya’s owners group chapter, HOGPJ organized a ride for some great food over the weekend.

  • Nearly 100 participants showed up to the ride to Segamat, Johor for the famous udang galah (crayfish).

  • The ride was expertly marshalled from start to finish.

Things are up and fully for Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) and their riders’ chapter, Harley Owners Group PJ (HOGPJ).

Harley-Davidson owners can always look forward to many fun activities that are organized by HOG and their respective dealerships. So far, there’ve been many such rides that started from HDPJ based at The Gasket Alley.

But as Malaysian bikers, there are two things that we love: Motorcycle and food. Not necessarily in that order. As such, HOGPJ organized a “food ride” this weekend. Called “HOGPJ Udang Galah Ride,” the participants rode to the sleepy town of Segamat in Johore for the famous udang galah (crayfish) lunch.

The organizers had targeted 75 participants, but the number swelled to nearly 100 just prior to the pre-ride briefing. While most riders are experienced in convoy riding, the HOG marshals knew they had their job cut out for them and they took their tasks seriously. Harley-Davidson and HOG are nothing if not for their expertly organized rides.

After the marshals were briefed, it was the participants next. The briefing was quite detailed as compared to other rides we’ve covered, but the main difference was the Head Marshal leading the participants in a warm up session. They guided through some stretching and deep breathing exercises.

From HDPJ it was a straight ride to the Ayer Keroh RnR for the Sportsters to fill up their peanut tanks. The participants were disciplines and adhered to HOG’s recommended convoy etiquette.

Refueling was a fast process as the marshals ran a “pit stop” refueling style: The owner left his/her bike with the marshals, went to pay for the fuel, and the marshals filled up the bike.

We continued our way to Segamat by exiting the North-South Expressway at the Tangkak exit. The pace was good as it kept us cool despite the sun particularly hot on this day. We were also escorted by the Traffic Police thus we didn’t have to stop and get hot. Indeed, we were told during the briefing that HOG will always notify the police prior to their rides.

We reached RZ Restoran just in time for lunch. Participants parked their bikes quickly to get out of the sun and helped themselves to the iced drinks.

The restaurant had already set out the food for us in the air-conditioned section, consisting of the all-famous udang galah in fried, sambal and lemak styles, plenty of tasty vege, crispy fried chicken, fried fish, and much more. A few Harley riding friends of this writer once remarked that the Malaysia HOG unofficial mantra is “Eat to Ride, Ride to Eat,” certainly in relation to our love for great food, and that passion to ride to faraway places just for a meal. Can’t argue with that.

We rode back the same way we came from after lunch and the customary group photos. Again, the group kept the formation as tight as possible on the highway until the Seremban RnR before we went our separate ways.

To find out more about Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Harley Owners Group PJ, please visit Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya’s official Facebook page or visit them at the location below.



  • Motosikal buatan khas Harley-Davidson XL1200 yang bergaya ini telah dibina oleh Thrive.
  • Thrive bertapak di Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Diberikan nama Kuzuri, ianya telah diilhamkan daripada motosikal buatan khas tradisional Jepun.


  • This classy custom Harley-Davidson XL1200 is built by Thrive

  • Thrive is based in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Dubbed the Kuzuri, it drew inspiration from traditional Japanese custom bikes

Pictures of a custom Harley-Davidson XL1200 by Thrive showed up on the internet lately, and for good reasons.

Thrive Motorcycle is based in Jakarta, Indonesia with the reputation of building some of the most beautiful custom bikes. This example, dubbed the Kuzuri is a prime example.

The project began two years ago when the custom builders were looking for a stock Harley-Davidson engine which was to be used as the testbed for developing their T/H/R/V brand of parts and accessories. A friend of theirs had 2000 XL1200 Sportster, by coincidence. The builders started fitting the new parts to it initially, handcrafting more along the way.

As an overall theme started to take shape, the Thrive team visited the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show and found discovered many great designs and, the traditional Japanese chopper. It was also here that they found the inspiration for Kuzuri, or wolverine in Japanese.

The team ordered a custom rigid frame from another custom garage and started shaping the aluminium panels, aiming for a bike with “timeless and streamlined looks” that’s clean, sleek and minimalist.

Thrive built the gas tank, headlight fairing, tail unit, oil tank and electrical in-house around the frame and engine. The forks were shortened to allow the bike to hug the ground. Custom accessories such as switchgear, footpegs, gullwing handlebars, brakeless front hub and Mooneyes grips were installed.

The Sportster’s stock belt final was converted to a chain drive. A chain-tensioner fashioned out of a skateboard wheel was installed underneath the drive chain.

Another cool feature is the stop light, modified from a Softail and hidden beneath the rear fender.

As the final touch, Thrive sprayed-painted the frame and body in sapphire blue and silver.


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