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Harley-Davidson of Penang awarded Dealer of the Year 2021 by principals, flagship PJ outlet also ranks fifth best in the region.

  • Harley-Davidson of Penang awarded Dealer of the Year 2021 (AEMs) by principals.

  • It beat dealer from nine other markets in the region to bag this accolade.

  • Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya also ranks fifth best dealership in the region.

  • Award assesses dealer’s performance on critical fronts including customer satisfaction.


Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) has emerged as the Best After Sales In Asia Emerging Markets for the second time this year.

The award proves that H-D of Petaling Jaya once again offers the best technician competency in providing the best after-sales to all H-D owners in Malaysia.

The success was a continuation of H-D of Petaling Jaya achieving the Dealer Aftersales Award for Q1.

According to Goh Kian Sin, Chairman of Goh Brother Group, the award is something that the team at H-D of Petaling Jaya should feel proud about.

“H-D PJ will continue to strive to be the best, to offer all our H-D customers the ultimate ownership experience, regardless of the age of your Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

“Our motto has always been “Let us win your trust” from the incorporation of our dealership since 2017.

“The current dealership is under the supervision of Mr Lau Chye Wang as Dealer Principal and the After Sales is led by Ahmad Fikeri.

“H-D PJ has proved its top-notch after-sales service by winning the After Sales award for the second time in the second quarter of 2021 amongst the Asia Pacific dealers. This is something that we can be proud of as we make Malaysia stand out on the global map,” he said.

Meanwhile, in other news, Harley-Davidson of Penang secured the “Best Dealer of Quarter Two” award against the rest of the dealers in Asia emerging markets.

The award recognised H-D of Penang’s capabilities of handling customer issues and relationships while adhering to the brand standards and trademark.

The success of both H-D of Petaling Jaya and H-D of Penang prove received high praise from Goh.

“It is indeed a double celebration for the Goh Brothers Group as two of our dealerships in Malaysia received the recognition from H-D this quarter, one being the Best Dealer and the other for Best After Sales.

“I would like to thank my business partner Mr Kheoh Hock Seng for the dedication and tireless effort of him and his team to be number one in Asia and putting our dealership H-D of Penang on the global map,” he added.

  • Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) held a special dinner for the Harley Owners Group of Petaling Jaya (HOG PJ) riders who rode to the the Phuket Bike Week 2019 (PBW 2019).

  • They were also gifted an exclusive and special pin for the ride.

  • This was the first such program and HOG PJ looks forward to more.

Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) held a special dinner over the weekend for the Harley Owners Group of Petaling Jaya (HOG PJ) riders who rode to the the Phuket Bike Week 2019 (PBW 2019).

Formally called the “Phuket Mileage Program Appreciation Dinner” HOG PJ also awarded an exclusive and special pin for the ride.

According to Juan Chow Wee, the General Manager at Didi Resources Sdn. Bhd., “Whether it is an afternoon getaway or a transcontinental journey of a lifetime, every ride you take brings us all a little closer together. With HOG, you get rewarded for doing what you already love: Riding your Harley-Davidson.”

“To appreciate our members who joined the ride to Phuket, Thailand, we hosted this dinner and award them Phuket Bike Week pins to recognize the miles traveled.”

A total of 30 HOG riders took part in the ride.

Chris Ruxton, Assistant Director of HOG PJ added, “The following program is the first to be rolled out where we provide recognition to our members clocking in the miles in an official ride. We hope to do organize more of such programs.”

Malaysian Harley-Davidson riders and HOG members have a long history of visiting the PBW (and Songkran festival). The PBW is arguably the most prestigious bike week in the region.

  • The Harley-Davidson Sportster line-up has just gotten even more attractive in conjunction with Art of Speed 2019.

  • Buyers during the event will receive Screamin’ Eagle exhausts.

  • This great deal is only for a limited number of units.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster line-up has just gotten even more attractive in conjunction with Art of Speed 2019.

Harley-Davidson Sporter models are now produced CKD (complete knocked down) in Thailand. That qualifies them for NAFTA exemption, hence lower selling prices.

But lower selling price or otherwise, the Sportster still exudes a livelier and characterful ride compared to its bigger brethren. It’s not saying that the bigger Softail and Touring families are not good, but the Sportster 883 or Sportster 1200 models are lighter, more agile and accelerate quickly. Those qualities make them more practical for daily use.

Now, you can experience the Sportster through the special deal.

Get one at the Art of Speed 2019 and Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) will throw in a set of Screamin’ Eagle exhausts. On top of that, enjoy worry free 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Those are great reasons to just get a brand-new unit.

But hurry because the offer is only for a limited number of units.

Priced from RM 62,600, loans are arrangeable through HDPJ – up to 7 years repayment at 3.6% per annum.

You can view the new Harley-Davidson Sportsters at the Art of Speed 2019, happening on 27thand 28thJuly, at MAEPS Serdang.

  • The 2019 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Iron has arrived at Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ).

  • The new bike features a new headlamp fairing, handlebar, graphics and paint scheme.

  • It also includes the Harley-Davidson Smart Security System and anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The 2019 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Iron has arrived at Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ).

The Iron 1200 recipe starts with power. A 1202cc Evolution® 1200 V-Twin engine delivers 36 percent more torque (73.0 ft. lbs. vs. 53.8 ft. lb.) than the 883 Evolution engine that powers the Iron 883, the original urban brawler in the Sportster family. The Iron 1200 brings more punch to the street fight – more power to blast away from green lights and more mid-range to muscle through traffic. More power for more rowdy fun.

The satin-black Mini Ape handlebar is an essential element of the garage-built chopper look that adds instant attitude. This 1.0-inch diameter handlebar offers an 8.75-inch rise, 32-inch spread and 6.5-inch pull back, that opens the rider triangle with a fist-in-the-wind posture. The gloss black speed screen framing the headlamp is a West Coast styling influence that amplifies the attitude of the tall bars, is intended to offer some wind deflection at speed and provides a space for easy personalization. The fast-back Café Solo Seat flows to the rear fender and is shaped to help hold the rider in position when the torque of the Evolution 1200 kicks in.

A classic 3.3-gallon (12.5-litre) Sportster fuel tank features multi-colored striped graphics that wrap around the tank profile. The dark engine finish helps draw the eyes to the bright tank graphics. Fuel tank paint color options include Vivid Black, Twisted Cherry and Billiard White, always contrasting with the Vivid Black speed screen.

The entire powertrain has been styled with a popular color: black upper and lower rocker boxes, black exhaust and muffler shields, and black timer, primary and derby covers. Chrome pushrod tubes and tappet covers are the only brightwork and highlight the V-Twin engine shape. The Iron 1200 is finished with all-black 9-Spoke wheels (19-inch front and 16-inch rear diameter) and a solid black belt guard and rear sprocket.

The Harley-Davidson Smart Security System and anti-lock braking system (ABS) are factory- installed options for the Iron 1200 model.

The Evolution 1200 engine features a black top end and an expanse of brilliant chrome below, including chrome primary, inspection and derby covers, and solid chrome muffler and exhaust shields. Chrome lower rocker boxes, pushrod tubes and tappet covers contrast with the black cylinders to highlight the V-Twin engine shape. High-performance Michelin Scorcher 31 tires front and rear are mounted on Black Split 9-Spoke cast-aluminum wheels (16-inch diameter front and rear).

Since its introduction in 1957, Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles have been repeatedly reimagined, in the hands of both the Motor Company and bike owners: As a bobber, a chopper, a scrambler and a café racer; as a hero on flat tracks and drag strips and road-race courses; as an accessible entry-point for first-time riders, and as a custom-of-one cruiser.

New fuel tank graphics distinguish both the Iron 1200 and the Forty-Eight Special, and combine bold color stripes with a formal typeface, color and graphic elements originally popular in the 1970s.

“With its introduction and showcased at the showroom, we welcome everyone to come over and see it for themselves for a limited them as this particular unit already has its owner. In addition to the Iron 1200, H-D Petaling Jaya is also hosting their 1st Anniversary Carnival this weekend, and we would like to invite everyone to come over to our showroom” said Ahmad Rano, the Head of Sales for H-D PJ.

They are offering rebates up to RM28,000 on selected Touring models, interest rate as low as 3.6%, and garnished by 2 years factory warranty. Along with 30% discount on General Merchandise and selected Parts & Accessories. So come on down to Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya 1st Anniversary Carnival from 25th to 26th May, starting at 10 AM until 5 PM.

  • Shadowfax MC continues their adventures, this time to Vietnam.

  • The group will cross into Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

  • More than 30 Harley riders showed up at Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya to send off the group.

Shadowfax MC pushed off for their “Crossing the Borders” ride to Vietnam on the Harley-Davidson motorcycles yesterday.

We chatted with the President of Shadowfax Motorcycle Club, Dato’ Anand in March this year. Dato’ told us that the group is planning to ship their bikes to Japan to ride there this month.

However, the ride to Japan is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. But instead of wasting the time away, a number of members decided to ride to Vietnam.

Speaking to, Dato’ Anand and several of his accompanying buddies told us of their plans. The ride started from Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya at The Gasket Alley. The riders will first cross into Thailand and into Bangkok, Thailand. From there, they will head east into Cambodia and visit Angkor Wat in Siam Riep for two days before riding all the way to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“We will be visiting the local Harley-Davidson dealerships along the way. It’s a great way to show our goodwill,” said Dato’. “There will also be other bikers who will meet us and ride with us for some distance.”

What about the often-stormy weather these days?

“No problem, we are bikers and we will continue to ride in spite of whatever weather condition,” said Mr. Kumar.

The group will also ride without a support vehile. All the emergency tools and fixes are carried along. wishes the Shadowfax a safe and fun ride to and back.

  • Harley-Davidson of Penang has officially re-opened.

  • It is located at Auto Juru City, Perai, Penang.

  • The dealership is a full-fledged branch offering an entire ecosystem for Harley owners, including sales, aftersales, merchandize, riding gear and so forth.

Harley-Davidson owners and fans in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia now have a new place to call home. This follows the official re-opening of the Harley-Davidson of Penang.

The opening brings the total of Harley dealerships to three. Together with the Penang branch, Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) and Harley-Davidson of Melaka (HDOM) reinforces the brand’s commitment to expand its footprint and strengthening its dealership network in this growing market.

GB Motorcycles Sdn. Bhd. will operate the Penang dealership. GB Motorcycles is formed from a partnership between Goh Brothers Group (an automotive retail group with extensive expertise and reach) and Kheoh Hock Seng (a specialist in premium motorcycles in Penang).

The dealership’s opening was graced by the Directors of the company, Mr. Goh Kian Sin and Mr. Kheoh Hock Seng; Mr. Koh Jyn Woei, District Manager at Harley-Davidson Asia Emerging Markets; and scores of Harley owners.

Mr. Johan Kleinsteuber, Managing Director of Harley-Davidson Asia Emerging Markets, said,“With strong commitment to the Malaysian market since 2008, Harley-Davidson is devoted to building up a trusted community for local biking enthusiasts and establishing a robust dealership network across the country. Our dealerships are important to us as they lie at the core of delivering the full premium Harley-Davidsonmotorcycling experience to customers. We are excited to have GB Motorcycles Sdn Bhd as our partner, and will be working closely with them to inspire more people to experience the Harley-Davidson brand and build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders”.

What can you look forward to?

The new dealership isn’t a just a place that sells Harleys. Instead, it is an entire lifestyle ecosystem for the Harley family.

Among the facilities:
  • A large 6,000 sq. ft. (557 sq. m.) showroom, which is able to fit display bikes, merchandize, accessories, riding gear and large groups of riders.
  • The company invested RM 6 million in the dealership, aftersales, bikes, merchandize, accessories and parts for the ultimate customer experience. It also means that customers do not have to wait for servicing and parts.

  • Full range of models from the Sportster, all the way to the Tri Glide Ultra trike.
  • New CKD bikes priced from a super attractive RM62,600 for the Sportster (installment of only RM32 per day) to the Softail from RM97,800 (installment of just RM46 per day).

  • Besides the awesome pricing, Harley-Davidson of Penang also offers 1-year free service and 2-years factory warranty.
  • Besides the bikes and merchandize, the 4S Centre also includes a fully-equipped 3-bay workshop, complete with trained and professional H-D service personnel who graduated from H-D University, and special tools.

  • The dealership is located at the northern auto hub of Juru Autocity. The strategic location allows H-D owners from Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak an easy location to ride to.
  • H-D of Penang will also set up a roadshow satellite outlet soon in Penang to better service the island’s customers.

Mr. Kheoh believes in personalized service to each and every customer, so you may contact him directly when you call on Harley-Davidson of Penang. You may also call 04-5062200.

  • We had a chat with Dato’ Anand, the President of Shadowfax MC.

  • The group is active in riding and performing charities in Malaysia and overseas.

  • There are further plans to ride in Japan and to London on their own Harleys.

One thing interesting aspect about motorcycling is meeting people from all aspects of life. We met up with Dato’ Anand, the President of Shadowfax MC for a chat.

The group consists of Harley-Davidson owners only and is very active in riding and performing charity work around Malaysia and overseas. own many Harley-Davdison motorcycles, and you took delivery of a 115thAnniversary CVO Limited (the exclusive version of the Electra Glide Ultra Limited) recently. What other bikes do you have?
Dato’ Anand:I have a 105thAnniversary Electra Glide, 110thAnniversary Road King, the 115thAnniversary CVO and a Honda Gold Wing. did you start riding Harleys?
Dato’ Anand:I started in 2007 on an Ultra. got you interested in Harley-Davidson motorcycles?
Dato’ Anand:Harleys is about style and presence. It’s a recognized brand worldwide. I loved Harleys since I was young but couldn’t afford one yet. I rode a Kawasaki back then. But later I was the first customer when Harley was at Naza.

That was the 105thAnniversary Electra Glide. I paid for the bike when I was in Sabah while doing a charity for the China earthquake.

When Harley-Davidson came over to Gasket Alley (Didi Resources) 15 years later, I wanted to be the first CVO owner. I’m now looking forward to the next 4 years (2023 for the 120thAnniversary). Am thinking of getting two anniversary bikes, but after that (grimaces and gestured “no more”.)

It’s because I have too many bikes. Look at my Road King in the workshop now. I only rode from my house to Hard Rock Café and back. I use the other two bikes for overseas rides.

I did a Merdeka ride two years ago, from KL to India. We passed six countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and finally India.

We also rode in New Zealand.

The difference here is that we ship over our own bikes, rather than flying in and renting from there. Our trademark is to bring our own bikes.

I only rent my bikes in the US. Whereas we used our own bikes all the way to Sri Lanka, and Kunming in China. We’ve done Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam.

Next, we will head to Japan in May.

Phuket Bike Week is normal, we’ve also gone to the Tachileik Bike Week in Myanmar. I brought the HDPJ Chapter there in Myanmar. many members do you have in your club?
Dato’ Anand:I’ve 23 members in our club. Everyone is active but usually only 10 will ride overseas. Others have their commitments and time constraints, so we understand. To us, family is the most important. is the main mission of Shadowfax?
Dato’ Anand:We concentrate on doing charities. We look for those in need a provide our support. For example, a child needs money for school, we support. We should always do something good, give back to the community. activities are you planning for this year?
Dato’ Anand:The other one is the ride in Japan. No one from Malaysia brought their own bike there to ride. Renting a bike overseas isn’t as nice as riding your own bike. We hold overseas rides annually.

For example, we went to Myanmar last year and completed almost 6000 km.

We are planning to hold a Merdeka ride from KL to London next year. We’ll meet with the Malaysian Ambassador there and hold the celebrations at the embassy.

Of course, we have short weekend rides for some breakfast or tea.

Besides that, we support all the local bike weeks. So next weekend (10-11thMarch) is the Terengganu Bike Week. There’ll be plenty of riding in March. There’s the Danok Bike Week, opening of the Penang branch on the 16th. do you think of Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya, so far?
Dato’ Anand:HDPJ is very good so far. Good service from the staff, service crew. has HDPJ been supportive to you and your club?
Dato’ Anand: We’ve not asked anything from HDPJ so far, but they should support the KL-London ride. The previous dealership supported tyres and servicing for our ride to India. It’s because we are promoting HDPJ and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We’re riding our bikes all the way there.

We’re not asking for money, just tyres and servicing.

Anyway, I’d like to say that Shadowfax has proven that Harley-Davidsons can be ridden through rough situations. Everyone said, “Cannot, only BMW can.” But we proved it with the touring models. We rode for 12,700 km and earned an entry in the Malaysian Book of Record.

So far, no Malaysian has ridden to London on a Harley.


  • Festival International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur 2019 telah menggegarkan ibu kota sepanjang hujung minggu yang lalu.
  • Pelbagai penjual, kecil dan besar, turut serta dalam festival ini, antaranya Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Shell Indian Motorcycles, Ducati, Yamaha, dan lain-lain.
  • Persembahan rock retro berkumandang sepanjang hari.


  • The International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur 2019 rocked through the weekend.

  • Many vendors big and small were present including Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Shell, Indian, Ducati, Yamaha.

  • Retro rock performances went on throughout the day.

The International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur 2019 rocked the capital over the weekend, from Friday 22ndFebruary to Sunday 24thFebruary.

Held at the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC), it attracted motorcycle riders and fans, and tourists alike. There were fun activities throughout the day and through the night, so visitors never felt bored throughout.

Premium motorcycle and motorcycle-related product vendors were also present, including Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya, Aprilia Malaysia, Moto Guzzi Malaysia, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor, Indian Motorcycles, Ducati Malaysia and Shell Advance Malaysia.

Shell Advance Malaysia’s booth was busy throughout the event due to a special promotion. Visitors who bought the Shell Advance AX7 and Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology received exclusive cool towels, motorcycle covers and goodie bag. They also qualified for the lucky draws on the last day.

Besides them, there were also other vendors who displayed their products such as luxury cars (including a Ford Mustang!), retro motorcycles (Suzuki Katana, Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf), riding gear and merchandize.

Activities included retro motorcycle competition, custom motorcycle competition, battle of the bands, and concerts featuring great rock icons such as Datuk Awie, Mus May, Bandi Amuk and others. There were also other local bands who took to the stage and they showcased the amount of raw talent Malaysians have.

Food and refreshment were provided by food trucks. They offered a great variety of local and international delights.


  • Harley-Davidson Petaling Jaya sedang mempromosikan tawaran yang menakjubkan buat pemilik Harley baharu.
  • Dengan setiap pembelian model Softail dan Touring baharu, anda layak menerima waranti pengilang dua tahun dan aksesori Harley bernilai RM40,000 secara percuma.
  • Mereka yang berminat juga boleh mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut mengenai model Harley yang dipasang di Thailand di gerai HDPJ, di festival International Motomania Kuala Lumpur yang berlangsung pada hujung minggu ini.


  • Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya is offering unbeatable deals for new Harley owners.

  • The purchase of a new Softail or Touring model entitles you to a 2-year factory warranty and RM 40,000 worth of Harley accessories, free-of-charge.

  • Interested parties may also enquire about the upcoming Thailand CKD Harleys at the HDPJ booth at the International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur.

But making things more interesting are special deals offered by Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ).

Because owning a Harley-Davidson should enjoyable through a free and independent lifestyle. The last one wants is the lifestyle putting a strain on his finances. As such, HDPJ has already worked out the best interest rates for buyers, besides setting up a full-fledged and professional aftersales service.

Wait, hold on, it gets even sweeter than that!

As part of making ownership enjoyable, purchase a new Harley and receive 2 years warranty. On top of that, you receive up to RM 40,000 worth of Harley-Davidson accessories, free of charge. Yes, RM 40,000. 40 Big Ones.

Which begs the question: Why buy “recond”? Prices for recond Harleys are different around RM 30,000 to new official units, that is true. But there’s no beating RM 40,000 worth of free accessories and 2 years factory warranty. It’s a no brainer.

This promotion is valid for new Softail and Touring model customers. Interested parties may also enquire about Harley’s upcoming Thailand CKD models at the International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur 2019.

The International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur features many great activities for bikers as well as families. So do drop by at the Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya booth there.


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