Guy Martin 2018

Guy Martin has announced that he won’t be participating in this weekend’s Cookstown 100 road race.

This weekend’s event was set for Martin’s return to road racing after a difficult season with Honda Racing.

Guy hopes that he’s able to fix his classic BSA Rocket 3 in time for next week’s Tandragee 100 road race.

It was just last month when road racing figure and living legend Guy Martin announced that he’ll be returning to road racing. Although it’s not exactly on 300km/h superbikes, the return which was said to be in a classic bike race was cut short when he reported that his BSA Rocket 3 machine suffered from gearbox problems. (more…)

Guy Martin plans to re-enter the world of road racing again this year.

The 36-year-old Brit rider will be participating in the Cookstown 100 and Tandragee 100 road racing events next month.

Racing in the Forgotten Era class, Guy is going to pilot his very own classic BSA motorcycle.

To all road racing fans, this one is for you. It seems that popular racing figure Guy Martin is planning to put on his racing suit again this year. News has broken out and it has been confirmed that the 36-year-old Brit rider will be participating in the Tandragee 100 and Cookstown 100 Irish road races. (more…)


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