• Anita hails from Ipoh and is a lecturer in the Physical Education Department. 
  • Narrowly missed an encounter with a bear in Alaska. 
  • Tough journey as some nights were spent camping in the middle of nowhere and going to sleep hungry. 

Givi Ambassador Anita Yusof has become the first Malaysian ever to be inducted into the Asia Book of Records. Anita, who hails from Ipoh, Perak, received the recognition after she completed her solo ride around the world as the first woman to ride around the world.

She was presented the award by GIVI Asia Managing Director, On Hai Swee (above, left) at the GIVI factory in Bukit Beruntung.

Anita, who works as a lecturer in the Physical Education Department at IPG Campus Ipoh, began her journey from Putrajaya on September 11, 2015, returning home a year later through Bukit Kayu Hiram on September 16, 2016. Her incredible feat includes riding through 40 countries on four continents, racking up a total distance of 65,639 kilometres.

Riding solo on a Yamaha FZ150i, Anita has been an avid traveller all her life. Preferring solo travelling to large groups, Anita says she has always travelled by herself, and had previously preferred backpacking, until she learned to ride motorcycles.

The mother of two grown up sons says Patagonia was one of the most beautiful places she has ever been. but also had a run in with a bear in Alaska, managing to avoid disaster by just 30 meters.

Naturally the ride was riddled with challenges, one that included her having to camp in the wild with no food, with the closest city being about 200km away. But she met some really nice people along the way too, including a mechanic that gave her a free oil change, did free bike maintenance, and even offered free tyres and such.

While in Costa Rica, she was also interviewed by a local tv station, you can watch the video below:

And another one from a local Malaysian station (jump to 1:27):

And this is the moment she came home:

Anita Yusuf had used only Givi accessories throughout the ride and put the equipment through the ultimate real world test. The result? Nothing broke, not the Givi products, not Anita’s spirit.

Anita is a biker we admire and respect. We will be inducting her into our own ‘Most Interesting Biker’ series soon. Watch this space.

BKM expands line up after launching new Benelli TnT 135 mini-moto from RM7,990 (basic without GST).


Renowned local lady adventure rider Anita Yusof becomes new GIVI Brand Ambassador.


GIVI Asia Sdn Bhd conducts ‘How To Prevent Commuting Accidents’ seminar as part of CSR efforts.


Local duo aims to set new record by riding two Benelli TNT 600 bikes around Peninsula Malaysia.


GIVI Raya In Fiesta offers free GIVI box and case inspections ahead of Hari Raya holidays.



Givi Asia had just released the latest addition to its 2015 product range. This includes two new boxes, a few soft luggage bags, pouch bags and rainsuits.

First up is the E250 Wildcat, its just another interpretation of how a top box looks, still the standard soft rounded edges with a capacity of 25litres or one helmet.


Next is Givi’s new sidecase, the E22. Comes as a pair, these compact panniers are 22liters each which is slightly bigger than the E21 that has been in the market for so long.

But while the E21 rounded curves made it more suitable to fit on classic or cruiser bikes, the new E22 sharp lines fits better with modern bike design, naked, fully faired or DP.

Its slim profile makes it ideal for riders who need to keep it tight as to easily shuffle through the city traffic in their commute to work but still big enough for a weekend trip.


The E22 neat packaging also means it will not look out of place for smaller capacity bikes such as bikes in the 250cc range.

Max load is the standard 5kg with a top open design which means you don’t have to worry about spilling any gear when opening the box and sturdy grab handles makes it easy to handcarry.

Using is very convenient thanks to the patented Monokey system, it can be opened, locked and removed from the bike with just one key.


Moving on to the rainsuits, already known for their quality, Givi introduced four new rainsuits from the basic all black RRS02 to the PRS01 with high-vis colours.

While the PRS02 is just a plain rainsuit, the RRS01 comes with three vents, one on the back and two under the arms, pockets and a hood.

Last highlight is their latest addition of soft luggage, the PBP01 is a 30L waterproof backpack.

250_ (1)

Comes with compression and stranum straps, and waist belt to keep thing stable on your back as you ride.

Two efficient reflective strips makes you more visible in bad weather or at night.

A bit bigger is the PCB01 which is a 40L waterproof duffle bag. Too big to be on your back while riding but just nice for you to strap on to the back seat and its easy to do so using the built-in tie down loops.
Do drop by their website at for more information.

Part of the MotoGP experience is the bike convoys thats organised by various bike brands or club. I was lucky enough to be invited by Givi, the Italian bike accessory manufacturer to join their MotoGP convoy on Sunday race day morning. (more…)

Extending its reaches further in the peninsula’s south-western area, renowned Italian motorcycles accessrories brand GIVI has opened a new one stop GIVI Centre in the historic state of Malacca.  (more…)


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