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Vata7 X1 carbon fibre helmet revealed, packs a host of LED lighting details aimed at improving safety through increased visibility.


Bell Eliminator Stockwell sees signature retro lid gain a hot new flavour thanks to its flame-emblazoned graphics.


Jenama helmet motosikal tempatan, ARC Helmet bakal memperkenalkan helmet ‘full face’ pertama dalam usaha memenuhi permintaan peminat helmet itu.

ARC Helmet dalam satu perkongsian terbaru di laman sosial turut mendedahkan video ‘teaser’ yang memaparkan helmet ‘full face’ tersebut.

Antara ciri yang kelihatan pada video tersebut adalah rekaan corong angin dan belakang baharu dengan penggunaan ‘Modular Advanced Shell’ sekaligus merujuk kepada penggunaan cangkerang serba baharu.

Menariknya, helmet tersebut juga kelihatan menawarkan fungsi ‘sun visor’ bagi memudahkan pengguna menunggang dalam cuaca panas terik.

Buat masa ini ARC Helmet tidak memaklumkan tarikh pelancaran bagaimanapun, dijangkakan helmet serba baharu itu akan diperkenalkan tidak lama lagi.

ARC Helmet ditubuhkan pada 1973 di sebuah pekan kecil di Butterworth, Pulau Pinang sebelum dikenali sebagai STF Industries Sdn Bhd pada 2003.

Menariknya, ARCH Helmet telah beroperasi sebagai syarikat pemilikan keluarga lebih 40 tahun dan sentiasa komited dalam menghasilkan helmet yang selamat untuk penunggang motosikal.

The Scorpion EXO-491 is a budget-friendly full-face helmet and the successor of the EXO-490.

This new sports touring helmet is made for the novice rider who is looking for a reasonable helmet at a bargain price.

The EXO-491 is intended for those who drive sportily but also enjoy long rides.

The helmet comes with a ratchet closure and an integrated SpeedView sun visor.

The Scorpion EXO-491 is expected to compete with the Nolan N87 plus, the Shark Skwal 2.2, the HJC I70, the Shark Spartan RS and the Scorpion EXO 1400 Air.

The EXO-491 is an entry level-helmet yet offers protection, comfort and practicality. The helmet is Pinlock ready and has a Kwikwick C liner. The liner is removable, washable and moisture-wicking. The fabric feels soft and has antibacterial features. The liner also has Kwikfit cheek pads, which make the helmet glasses friendly.

Ventilation is a very important part for any full-face helmet. The ventilation grilles of the EXO-491 are located on the chin guard.

There is a ventilation outlet on the back, which ensures that the hot air is discharged. These features can also be seen on the EXO-920 EVO and the EXO-930 from Scorpion.

The outer shell is made of polycarbonate which is not as strong as fiberglass. As a result, more material is needed to provide an equivalent level of protection.

Furthermore, the helmet comes in three shell sizes. Based on these results, the EXO-491 gets three stars.

Compared to its competitors, most helmets scored as well or even less than the EXO-491. Nonetheless, being an entry level helmet the EXO-491 is accountable.

Best of all, it comes with plain or graphic options, with a total of 13 designs for users to choose from.

  • The SHARK Ridill 1.2 helmet is perfect for daily commuting, sport-touring and weekend sport riding.

  • It has all the features of a high-end helmet.

  • But offered at an unbeatable price of just RM450!

Looking for a full-faced helmet that’s full of useful features but doesn’t cost a bomb? Check out this SHARK Ridill 1.2 helmet, then.

The SHARK Ridill has all the features that a rider could need in a helmet, whether it’s for the daily commute, weekend sport riding or sport-touring. As with all SHARK helmets, the Ridill is designed for safety, comfort and reliability.


  • Strong thermoplastic resin shell.
  • Ventilation is optimized through Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design and simulation. (It means that the ventilation is designed for good airflow.)

  • Integrated sunvisor.
  • Anti-scratch visor.
  • 2.2mm visor is ultra-flexible and Pinlock anti-fog insert ready.

  • Quick release mechanism for the visor.
  • SHARK Easy Fit eyeglass pockets.

  • Removable interior padding for washing.
  • Micro lock buckle system chinstrap.

As for the price, the wearer can be assured of a helmet of great value. However, for a limited time only, the Ridill retails for special promotion price of RM 450 only. Please click on the links below to select your desired design.

You may purchase the models below from our BikesRepublic web store. A delivery charge of RM 50 for West Malaysia and RM 100 for East Malaysia applies to each helmet delivery.

You may also walk into our Power Store at Kota Damansara. Do contact us for more details at 012-800 3470.

SHARK Ridill 1.2 TYKA Mat black, anthracite

SHARK Ridill 1,2 TYKA Mat black, blue, white

SHARK Ridill 1.2 THREEZY black orange blue

SHARK Ridill 1.2 OXYD black chrome anthracite

SHARK Ridill 1.2 MECCA white black read

SHARK Ridill 1.2 MECCA Mat black anthracite silver

SHARK Ridill 1.2 MECCA black red silver

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM white blue red

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM White Blue Red

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM Mat black red white

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM MAT Black Red White

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM Mat anthracite yellow

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM MAT Anthracite Mat

SHARK Ridill 1.2 STRATOM anthracite black

Shark Ridill 1.2 STRATOM Anthracite Black

SHARK Ridill 1.2 DRIFT-R Actif

SHARK Ridill 1.2 DRIFT-R Actif

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