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There have been many concerns regarding the overall safety of the ‘newly refurbished’ Federal Highway motorcycle lane regarding several issues. It seems that even car drivers want some of that bike lane action as a driver rolling around Mercedes-Benz was caught driving in the bike lane sometime yesterday (video can be seen below, excuse the language). (more…)

  • The Federal Highway motorcycle lane upgrading project will include a motorcycle-only bridge.

  • It spans the busy Jalan 222 – Jalan Templar – Federal Highway intersection.

  • The project had been delayed and is slated to be ready by early-October 2018.

The Jalan 222 – Jalan Templar – Federal Highway may be the most congested during the rush hours, but it is for a good thing in the future, reports The Star.

As part of the 8.1km-long motorcycle lane and drainage upgrade project which costs RM28 million, a motorcycles-only bridge which spans the intersection will be ready for use by early October. The project starts from Kelab Gold Negeri Selangor along the Federal Highway near Subang Parade and ends at the Kota Darul Ehsan arch, which marks the Selangor-Kuala Lumpur border.

The bridge’s underpass – Courtesy of

The project had been slated to be completed in June this year, but heavy rain which began in May and change of design delayed it for over a month, explained a Public Works Department (JKR) spokesman. Other factors that caused the delays were theft of equipment, the general elections and long stretches of public holidays.

The project seeks to repair or upgrade damaged road surface and alleviate flooding problems in sections of the bike lanes which spans a total of 16km in both directions.

A check by Bikes Republic revealed that a section of the bike lane after Jalan Barat heading towards Kuala Lumpur had been given a new asphalt cover, although it had not been widened as most expected. However, the section remains closed for some reason.

A section of the bike lane near Jalan 222 is still closed – Courtesy of

In the time being, motorcyclists are forced to share the Federal Highway’s main throughway with other heavy vehicles, putting their lives and those of others in danger. (Please click on the link below to read our earlier report.)

Motorcycles Allowed on Federal Highway Due to Bike Lane Works

As such, we recommend that motorcyclists remain in the left lane as much as possible should you choose to use the Federal Highway. Since the old highway’s lanes are narrower, heavier vehicles drive closer to one another, and this represents dangerous challenges to motorcyclists, especially if you are caught in the faster lanes when the traffic suddenly becomes less congested and speeds of other vehicles pick up.

We hope the Public Works Department and their contractors pick up the pace and complete the project as soon as possible in the interest of safety of all road users.

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  • Sebuah artikel yang telah disiarkan baru-baru ini oleh The Malay Mail menyaksikan pengarangnya merungut tentang penunggang motosikal menunggang motosikal mereka di atas Lebuhraya Persekutuan.
  • Lebih banyak motosikal telah memasuki laluan utama kerana sebahagian daripada laluan motosikal telah ditutup bagi pengubahsuaian.
  • Walaupun ada di antara mereka menunggang secara lalai, ianya tidak adil bagi melabel ke semua penunggang motosikal sebagai ‘gangguan’ atau ‘mat rempit’.


A recent article posted by the Malay Mail has the author complaining about motorcyclists riding their bikes on the Federal Highway.

More bikes are taking the main carriageway as some parts of the dedicated bike lanes are closed for renovations.

While some do ride carelessly, it is not fair to label all bikers as ‘nuisances’ or ‘mat rempits‘.

Image source: The Star

In reference to a recent article published by the Malay Mail earlier today, the author clearly stated that more motorcyclists are taking their bikes onto the main carriageway and went on to blatantly label them as ‘nuisances’ and even ‘mat rempits’ (street hooligans). The biased article, which may be confusing for some especially other motorists, was written without considering the true story behind the event. (more…)

Works Ministry allocates RM3.13 million budget to fix up dangerous Federal Highway bike lane.


The Federal Highway bike lane is NOT safe, but an online survey by MIROS might change things soon.



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