Ducati Monster

  • Bermula hari ini, Ducati Malaysia akan memulakan roadshow ke seluruh negara bagi memperagakan keseluruhan motosikal dan produk mereka yang hebat.
  • Hentian pertama dalam roadshow ini adalah di One Utama (New Wing) dari hari ini (24 Mei 2017) hingga Ahad ini (28 Mei 2017).
  • Para penggemar dan peminat Ducati boleh melihat sendiri Multistrada 950 terbaru dan Monster 797 sebelum ianya dijual secara rasmi lewat tahun ini.


Starting today, Ducati Malaysia will start their nationwide roadshow to showcase all their amazing bikes and products.

The first stop of the roadshow is at One Utama (New Wing) from today 24 May 2017 until Sunday 28 May 2017.

Ducati fans can view their latest Multistrada 950 and Monster 797 before they’re officially available later in the year.

Ducati Malaysia (Next Bike Sdn Bhd) has started their nationwide roadshow starting today. As the sole distributor of Ducati motorcycles in Malaysia, the first leg of this Ducati roadshow will kick things off today at One Utama (New Wing) from 24 May 2017 to this Sunday 28 May 2017. (more…)


  • Essence Motorcyles yang berasal dari Lyon, Perancis telah membangunkan sebuah motosikal elektrik dinamakan “E-Raw”
  • 167kg, 107hp dan 180Nm tork
  • Pengecasan selama 30 minit membolehkan perjalanan sehingga 185km


  • Essence Motorcycles from Lyon, France has developed an electric motorcycle called the “E-Raw”

  • 167kg, 107hp and 180Nm of torque

  • 30 minutes of charge allows 185km of travel

A small yet exclusive French-based manufacturer called Essence Motorcycles has created the radical ‘E-Raw’ electric motorcycle. What’s so interesting about it? For one thing, Essence Motorcycles is only going to produce ten of these babies and each of them will cost about 55,000 Euros (around RM250,000). Crazy, right? But is it, though? (more…)

An air-cooled Ducati Monster will reportedly return in 2017.


We list down the greatest modern Ducati bikes ever produced since 1993.


The XTR Pepo Siluro is one radically cool custom Ducati Monster 1200.


Meet the Monster of all Monsters, the all-new Ducati Monster 1200 R.


The world’s motorcycling press went bonkers when Ducati introduced the new Monster 821 late last year. Everyone was curious as to what Ducati would do with the Monster considering that Triumph’s Street Triple and Yamaha’s MT-09 were so good at what they do, that Ducati’s Monster was and would have continued to be relegated to just a bike with a grand brand, rather than a bike with tricks. (more…)

Icons come in many forms, and the Ducati Monster is one of the most recognisable icons of our generation. It is the essence of Ducati, it is the bike that saved Ducati,  (more…)

This picture is said to be the new Ducati Scrambler, purportedly leaked when the Italian bike builder showed off its latest model to some fans at the recently concluded World Ducati Week in Italy.

The room in which the Scrambler was revealed was supposed to be a no mobile phone area, but obviously that didn’t work. This shot ultimately emerged at the Ducati Corse unofficial Facebook page.

The is also supposedly the second time the Scrambler has been revealed in yellow, which is a throw back to the classic Ducati Scrambler of the 70s.

It is believed that the new Scrambler will be powered by the V-twin engine from either the Monster 696 or the 796, with around 80hp.

The bike will be revealed at the international motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany.

Image credit: Visor Down


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