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European Parliament has confirmed that the sales of carbon-emitting combustion vehicles will end by 2035.

  • every manufacturers in Europe is required to end the sales of combustion vehicles by 2035.
  • European lawmakers has rejected some European nation effort to delay the new legislation.

The European Parliament voted to end the sales of new combustion back in May, and that decision has now been confirmed.

It is understood that confirmation was required due to a recent attempt by some countries to amend the legislation by delaying the parliament’s decision.

According to reports, Italy are one of the countries who would like to push the date to 2040 instead of 2035 in an effort to protect one of its significant vehicle manufacturers, such as Ferrari.

However, the request for amendment was immediately rejected by European lawmakers whom reiterated that 2035 is the end date for combustion vehicles.

The European nation aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, an economy with net zero greenhouse gas emission.


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