Buku Panduan Kesedaran Persediaan Penunggangan (KPP)

  • HLYM telah melancarkan Buku Panduan Kesedaran Keselamatan Penunggangan bagi memupuk kesedaran keselamatan terutamanya di kalangan pemilik motosikal baharu.
  • Makalah ini akan disertakan dengan setiap motosikal baharu yang dibeli melalui wakil pengedar.
  • Wakil pengedar bertanggungjawab dalam memberi taklimat kepada setiap pemilik baharu mengenai keselamatan, yang terdapat dalam makalah berkenaan.


  • HLYM launched the Riding Safety Awareness Booklet to instill safety awareness especially among new motorcycle owners.

  • The booklets will be included with every new Yamaha motorcycle purchased through dealers.

  • The dealers are responsible in briefing each new owner on the points of safety, contained within the booklet.

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM) has launched a new safety program in a bid to increase safety awareness among motorcyclists. Core to the program is a new safety awareness booklet called, “Buku Panduan Kesedaran Persediaan Penunggangan (KPP),” translatable to “Riding Safety Awareness Booklet.”

HLYM Managing Director, Dato’ Jim Khor said during the launch that the booklets will be included with every new Yamaha motorcycle purchased through authorized dealers, throughout the country. Through the cooperation with the Malaysian Motorcycle and Scooter Dealer Association (MMSDA), he also iterated that it is the responsibility of each dealer to brief new motorcycle buyers on the points contained within the booklet. HLYM expects to distribute 20,000 copies to dealers per month to also cater for riders who have purchased motorcycles previously.

The booklet contains brief but important aspects on riding gear, pre-ride checks, simple motorcycle self-diagnosis, riding tips and a few fines and summonses applicable to those who flout the law.

“The emphasis on our customers’ safety will always be our company’s utmost priority and HLYM will continue to advocate the importance of road safety through many more programmes in the future. Based on our insights, we realized that some of the new motorcycle owners are not quite well aware on the basic safety requirements when they are on the road. We hope that with the KPP Programme, we will be able to educate them with the right information so that they can be good examples to other road users,” added Dato’ Jim Khor.

The launch of the program was launched by Datuk Mohamad Dahlan Md Maamor, the Political Secretary on behalf of the Transport Minister, YB Anthony Loke. The launching was also witnessed by the aforementioned Dato’ Jim Khor and Mr. Wee Hong, the Chairman of the MMSDA.


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