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  • BMW Motorrad Malaysia menjemput semua pemilik BMW GS untuk menyertai Pusingan Kelayakan Asia Tenggara BMW Motorrad Malaysia GS Trophy 2017 yang akan berlangsung dari 12 hingga 13 Ogos 2017.
  • Pemenang bagi pusingan kelayakan dua hari itu akan mendapat peluang untuk mewakili Malaysia sebagai sebahagian daripada pasukan Asia Tenggara dalam pertandingan BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy di Mongolia pada 2018.
  • Pendaftaran dibuka sekarang hingga 12 Julai 2017. Kesemua pemilik BMW GS dijemput mendaftar dan menyertai pusingan kelayakan ini.


BMW Motorrad Malaysia is inviting all BMW GS owners to join the BMW Motorrad Malaysia GS Trophy 2017 South East Asia Qualifier which will take place on the 12 to 13 August 2017.

The one winner of the two-day qualifying rounds will have the opportunity to represent Malaysia as part of the South East Asian team in the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy competition in Mongolia in 2018.

Registrations are open from now until 12 July 2017. All BMW GS owners are welcomed to join and participate in the qualifying rounds.

Calling all BMW GS owners! BMW Motorrad Malaysia has a challenge specifically for you. In conjunction with the BMW Motorrad Malaysia GS Trophy 2017 South East Asia Qualifier, all GS owners are invited to take part in the motorcycle riding endurance race covering a number of different riding terrains which will challenge your adventure riding skills and put them to the test. (more…)


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