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  • The Malaysian MotoGP theft case is now solved.

  • Six suspects were arrested.

  • Some of the items were sold to motorcycle owners who modified their bikes.

The Malaysian MotoGP theft case is now solved.

The Royal Malaysian Police arrested a number of individuals in raids in the vicinity of Sepang and Bangi. All six individuals are Malaysians, aged around 23 years old.

Chief of Police for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport District, Assistant Commissioner Zulkifli Adamsah told the press, “We made a series of arrests and raids between 3rd November to 12th December. Among the items recovered were four bags of different brands, 26 brake units, seven spanners, three dampers, two handle grips, two tyre warmers, two team black jackets, fourteen screws, six bottles of brake fluid, in addition to other items.”

“Initial investigations showed that one of the suspects owns a motorcycle workshop. He sells the stolen parts to motorcycle owners who want to modify their bikes.” The items were sold below market price. “For example, a brake caliper was sold for RM 600 when its real price could cost up to RM 1,000. Some of the loot were already installed on the suspect’s bike.” (We don’t know if it’s a typo in the press report or the police were misinformed: If a Brembo caliper for stock bike costs RM 3,000 to RM 4,000, it’s substantially more for a racing item. – Editor)

Two of the suspects has records for motorcycle theft and tested positive for methamphetamines. “Among the suspects were part-time workers who had access passes to the SIC area.

The theft occurred on 1st November 2019, involving five to six Moto2 and Moto3 teams, but it was the Angel Nieto team which suffered the most losses.

Source: Harian Metro

  • Thieves stole items from Angel Nieto team’s pits.

  • The items included computer, parts and tools for Moto3.

  • Losses are estimated between € 40,000 to € 50,000.

As the excitement builds up to the 2019 Shell Malaysia MotoGP, we received alarming and sad news that thieves had broken into the pits belonging to Angel Nieto team and stole valuable items.

The pits of these teams are not allocated in the two paddock areas due to lack of space. As such, they are located in tents that attached to parking area PA1.

Team Manager Gino Borsoi described the items missing as Moto3 shock absorbers, calipers, brake discs, computers, tools, tyre heaters (tyre warmers), fork springs. He called the heist a “break-in job.” They have since spoken IRTA (International Road-Racing Teams Association) and are awaiting Sepang International Circuit’s response.

Borsoi also stated that the thieves were targeting Moto3 components as the Moto2 parts were left almost untouched. “The opened the spare parts drawers but didn’t take Moto2 items except for specific things. They were tools for dismantling wheels and disc screws of street motorcycle brakes.  And tyre warmers.”

Thankfully, they found support from SKY VR46 team — Valentino Rossi’s team but led by Angel Nieto’s son Pablo Nieto. “We have extra two complete WP shock absorbers. How can I not help them if the team bears my father’s name?” The shocks are valued at nearly € 3,000 (RM 13,951) each.

It wasn’t the first time such theft occurred. Three computers were stolen three years ago. The loss this time was estimated between € 40,000 to € 50,000 for parts, tools and computers.

The team managed to assemble the bikes and completed their runs on the track. The team will have a problem in more serious crashes.


  • Hafizh Syahrin revealed that he will not have a salary while racing in Moto2 in 2020.

  • He now needs to look for sponsors to help with flight tickets, lodging and training.

  • The Angel Nieto Team targets a top five finish for Hafizh.

Just after we published the story about Hafizh Syahrin returning to the Moto2 category with the Angel Nieto Team in 2020, a reader alerted us that the rider will be racing without a salary.

Instead, Hafizh will be paid an incentive every time he achieves a podium result. The team set a top five target for the Malaysian, judging by his previous experience and exploits in the class. He had finished in the top six in the 2016 and 2017 seasons before being tapped for MotoGP.

The rider revealed his desire to keep pushing for the best despite riding without a salary during a press conference yesterday.

“I do not know the cost at the moment. I need to look for sponsors to pay for the flight tickets, lodging and training while overseas.”

Hafizh also thanked Sepang International Circuit CEO, Dato’ Razlan Razali for being the most helpful individual during his struggles at the Red Bull KTM Tech 3 Racing team. He also revealed that there could be a MotoGP slot the following year should he finish in the top five.

Also for the first time, he also told the assembled press about his frustration with KTM and the RC16.

“My machine package was very different to my teammate Miguel Oliveira’s. I did not receive what was promised by the team. I was using an engine from the early season that was not upgraded at all.,” he said.

It was a bitter pill for the rider who lost out the 2018 MotoGP Rookie title by just 4 points to Franco Morbidelli who in turn was the 2017 Moto2 champion.

  • Pusingan MotoGP yang seterusnya di Phillip Island akan menyaksikan Alvaro Bautista menggantikan tempat Jorge Lorenzo yang telah tercedera.
  • Dengan Lorenzo kini sedang dalam proses pemulihan, Bautista telah dipanggil bagi mengemudi jentera Ducati Desmosedici GP18 di Australia pada hujung minggu ini.
  • Ini akan menjadi perlumbaan terakhir Bautista dalam MotoGP sebelum menyertai pasukan pengilang Ducati dalam siri perlumbaan WorldSBK pada tahun 2019.


  • The next MotoGP round at Phillip Island will see Alvaro Bautista replacing the injured Jorge Lorenzo.

  • With Lorenzo out for recovery, Bautista was called in to ride the Ducati Desmosedici GP18 in Australia this weekend.

  • This will be Bautista’s final races in MotoGP before joining the Ducati factory squad in WorldSBK come 2019.

The 2018 MotoGP season just began its three flyaway races where Marc Marquez of Repsol Honda claimed his seventh world championship title in Motegi, Japan last weekend. As the paddock scrambled to get things ready for Australian round happening this weekend at Phillip Island, Ducati announced that Alvaro Bautista will be stepping in for the injured Jorge Lorenzo in the next race. (more…)

  • Pasukan Pull&Bear Aspar Ducati MotoGP telah memutuskan untuk menjenamakan semula pasukan mereka sebagai Angel Nieto Team.
  • Penjenamaan semula ini dilakukan sebagai satu tanda hormat bagi juara dunia 13 kali yang telah meninggal dunia, Angel Nieto.
  • Nieto telah meninggal dunia pada bulan Ogos yang lalu apabila dia telah bertembung dengan sebuah kenderaan yang lain sewaktu menunggang motosikal quadnya berhampiran rumahnya di Ibiza.


The Pull&Bear Aspar Ducati MotoGP squad has decided to rebrand themselves as the Angel Nieto team.

The gesture was made to pay tribute and honour the fallen 13-time GP world champion Angel Nieto.

Nieto sadly passed away in August when he collided with another vehicle while riding his quad bike near his home in Ibiza.

In honour of the recent passing of 13-time world champion Angel Nieto, the Pull&Bear Aspar Ducati outfit has decided to rebrand themselves as the Angel Nieto team for the 2018 MotoGP season. The decision was made by team owner Martinez Aspar who was once one of Nieto’s greatest rivals but the best of friends. (more…)


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