Alpinestars Malaysia has taken rider safety to a whole new level with the launch of their highly anticipated Tech-Air Airbag System in the country.

  • This revolutionary airbag system aims to significantly reduce upper body injuries for motorcycle riders.
  • Sinar Puncak is the authorised distributor for Alpinestars range of products in Malaysia.

The highlight of the Tech-Air family is undoubtedly the Tech-Air 10, offering the broadest protection of any airbag system currently available on the market. With its comprehensive coverage of the shoulders, chest, hips, and full back, Tech-Air 10 is a race-oriented airbag designed for MotoGP class riders.

The system is equipped with 12 sensors, including accelerometers and gyroscopes, ensuring rapid and precise deployment in case of an accident. Priced at RM 4,899 and available in sizes M to 2XL, Tech-Air 10 is simple to use – riders need only zip up the front and fasten the internal belt to activate the airbag system.

For those seeking a versatile airbag solution, the Tech-Air 5 fits the bill perfectly. Priced at RM2,999 and available in sizes S to 2XL, Tech-Air 5 features an active electronics system with 6 integrated sensors, employing AI-powered accident detection algorithms to deploy the airbag when necessary.

Offering comprehensive protection for shoulders, chest, ribs, and full back, Tech-Air 5 is ideal for touring, urban commuting, and racing, with two selectable modes – RACE and STREET.

Meanwhile, the Tech-Air 3 serves as a street-oriented over-jacket airbag system, designed to be worn over or under a rider’s jacket. With its automatic activation and connectivity to the motorcycle’s battery through internal magnets, Tech-Air 3 ensures seamless protection for urban commutes and adventurous rides on the road. Priced at RM2,299 (size S to 2XL), Tech-Air 3 combines lightweight and slim-fit design with CE certification level 2 for both the chest and back when the airbag is fully inflated.

Alpinestars’ Tech-Air family comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, enabling riders to monitor operational and battery status, as well as detailed ride maps, directly from the Tech-Air app on their smartphones. Tech-Air 5 and Tech-Air 10 offer dual riding modes – RACE and STREET – with distinct crash detection algorithms for track and road use, depending on the selected mode.

To reinforce their commitment to rider safety, Alpinestars Malaysia is offering an exclusive promotion for Tech-Air 10 and Tech-Air 5 purchases. Every buyer will receive 1 year of Allianz Bike Warrior coverage up to RM20,000, providing additional peace of mind on the road.

Customers can service their Alpinestars Tech-Air Airbag System after each deployment through certified technicians from Sinar Puncak Sdn Bhd, ensuring the system is in top condition for continued protection. It is important to note that Tech-Air service is not available at the fulfillment center.

With the introduction of the Tech-Air Airbag System in Malaysia, Alpinestars has once again solidified its position as a leader in rider protection, raising the bar for safety standards in the motorcycle industry. Motorcycle enthusiasts across the country can now experience the latest technological advancements in rider safety with the Alpinestars Tech-Air Airbag System.

Alpinestars, the renowned manufacturer of motorcycle gear and apparel, has recently unveiled its latest offering in racing helmets – the limited edition Supertech R10.

Designed and developed specifically for professional MotoGP athletes, this cutting-edge helmet combines speed, protection, and comfort to enhance the overall racing and sport riding experience.

The Supertech R10 features a range of innovative design elements aimed at maximizing performance. The helmet’s aerodynamic stability is achieved through a meticulous reduction of drag, ensuring optimal air management both inside and outside the helmet. The optimized chin bar design provides maximum protection for the collar bone, while also offering a lightweight and robust profile to safeguard the rider’s chin tip area.

Constructed with a multi-layer composite and advanced epoxy resin, the Supertech R10 achieves an ideal balance of strength, mechanical performance, and weight ratio. The external and internal materials are strategically designed to provide exceptional protection against both linear and oblique acceleration impacts. Furthermore, the shell’s lower profile is engineered to safeguard the rider’s collarbone in the event of a heavy impact.

Aerodynamic efficiency and stability are further enhanced by the race spoiler and winglets, which effectively reduce drag by 4.54%. The helmet boasts an impressive field of vision, with 220 degrees of lateral vision and 57 degrees of vertical vision. Additionally, the shield construction is equipped with pins for easy fixation of a Pinlock 120XLT – 100% Max Vision lens and tear-off films.

Safety remains a top priority, as the Supertech R10 is ECE22.06 homologated and features an Optical Class 1 shield. The shield mechanism incorporates metal lock levers to prevent unwanted detachment during impacts, while the tool-less quick release system allows for swift and effortless visor changes. The helmet’s chin vent, designed with laminated airflow, effectively prevents fogging and misting.

Inside the helmet, the EPS foam is intelligently distributed to provide precise impact absorption where needed most. The EPS is equipped with Alpinestars’ patented A-Head fitting height and angle adjustment system, allowing riders to customize the helmet’s fit to their exact preferences.

Alpinestars will release a limited launch edition of the Supertech R10 in a striking Carbon/Red Shadow colorway. Only 200 numbered helmets will be available for purchase on July 10th at With its exceptional performance and exclusive design, the Supertech R10 is set to become the pinnacle of Alpinestars racing helmets, capturing the hearts of professional riders and avid motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

Pramac Racing rider Jorge Martin showcased his all-new Alpinestars helmet ahead of the 2023 MotoGP season after making the switch from Shark Helmets.

  • Ducati’s Jorge Maritn has ditched his Shark Race R-Pro GP helmets for a brand-new Alpinestars lid. 
  • Alpinestars is yet to released an official announcement regarding the FIM-approved helmets. 

Although the Italian motorcycle gear company is no stranger to manufacturing motorcycle helmets, this is the first time that Alpinestars has designed and built a specific headgear for motorcycle racing. 

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time the new helmet appeared after MotoGP retiree Andrea Dovizioso was seen testing the pre-production model last year. 

However, this is the first time the helmet has snapped in a full-finished and liveried-up version. 

Although Martin’s helmet is packed with vibrant colours and graphics, the new helmet can be seen sporting a sizeable top-mounted air inlet. There’s also a large front-mounted chin mount flanked by air exhaust fitted on each side. 

Interestingly, the side profile looks similar to Shoei’s X-Spirit III, although the brand’s new X-SPR Pro is replacing the former. 

Unfortunately, Alpinestars has yet to release the official information regarding the new helmet, but with MotoGP to kick-off soon, beginning with the Sepang Test in February, we expect the brand to make an official announcement soon. 

Pengeluar barangan ‘gear’ menunggang motosikal terkemuka, Alpinestars telah diarahkan untuk memanggil semula sarung tangan model GP Plus.

Panggilan semula itu dikeluarkan selepas disahkan terdapat bahan jenis ‘chromium’ (VI) dikesan yang boleh menyebabkan kanser.

Penerbitan terbaru oleh Kesatuan Eropah yang turut dilaporkan Federation of European Motorcylist’s Associations (FEMA) mengesahkan bahawa sarung tangan Alpinestars GP Plus mengandungi bahan kimia ‘Chromium (IV) yang boleh mencetuskan tindak balas alergi terhadap si pemakai dan seterusnya kanser.

Kesatuan Eropah mengarahkan Alpinestars untuk menarik balik kesemua model GP Plus daripada pasaran.

Difahamkan, kandungan Chromium (IV) pada sarung tangan GP Plus sekiranya terkena permukaan kulit si pemakai boleh menyebabkan ‘dermatitis’ dan ulser pada kulit sekiranya tidak dirawat.

Chromium merupakan sebatian yang terkenal kerana ketahanan di samping mampu menangani isu hakisan. Untuk itu, chromium digunakan dalam penghasilan besi terutamanya besi tahan karat.

Bagaimanapun, Chromium (IV) adalah bahan toksik dan sekiranya memasuki tubuh badan boleh menyebabkan kerosakan pada buah pinggang dan hati termasuk sel darah marah.

Pada masa sama Chromium (IV) juga dikenal pasti sebagai ‘karsinogen’ dan jika dihidu boleh menyebabkan kanser paru-paru, hidung dan saluran pernafasan.

A proper riding boot will make your riding experience not only safe but comfortable in the long run.

Currently, there are tonnes of riding boots available in the market and choosing the one that suits your riding needs is sometimes a hassle.

If you frequently go for long-distance trips and occasionally take your ADV bike on an off-road adventure, you might want to check out Alpinestars latest RT-8 touring boots.

The multi-purpose boots are Alpinestars latest 2022 riding gear, ideal for those who like subtle aesthetics without compromising safety and comfort.

The new RT-8 touring boots are best suited for adventure riders who seek enhanced comfort while spending long hours on the saddle.

According to the Italian company, the new RT-8 riding boots use microfiber inner liner for added comfort and high-resistance synthetic textiles that offer better protection.

Most importantly, the RT-8 also incorporates a Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane to ensure convenience in all weather and road conditions.

The new Alpinestars RT-8 riding boots are available on the official website for USD339 (RM1.4k).

Motorcycle clothing giant, Alpinestars has rolled out the next generation airbag system ever at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The new product consists of new Tech-Air 10, Tech-Air 3 and Tech-Air Off-Road V2 autonomous Airbag Systems.

According to Alpinestars, the new Tech-Air 10 provides unrivalled body protection for road riders and track day junkies.

*Alpinestars Tech-Air 10

The self-contained and fully autonomous suit protects the riders shoulders, chest, full back and hips.

Meanwhile, the Tech-Air 3 is an over-the-jacket airbag system built specifically for daily riders that is also suitable for use in every weather condition.

*Alpinestars Tech-Air 3

The Alpinestar Tech-Air 3 can be easily folded and stored in a rucksack or under-seat compartment when not in use.

Alpinestars also presented the Tech-Air Off-Road V2, proven body protection for the rugged terrain and off-road enthusiast.

*Alpinestars Tech-Air Off-Road V2,

The company claimed that the airbag has been developed at the highest level, featuring at the last three Dakar Rally.

Pelumba factory Yamaha, Fabio Quartararo telah dikenakan penalti 3-saat setelah didapati melakukan kesalahan ‘shortcut’ di Turn 1-2 di GP Catalunya baru-baru ini.

Keputusan itu menyaksikan dia kehilangan tempat ketiga yang diberikan kepada Jack Miller.

Bagaimanapun, Race Direction mengenakan tambahan penalti 3-saat (menjadikan jumlah penalti 6-saat) setelah mendapati Quartararo menghabiskan baki 3 lap dengan ‘racing suit’ terbuka di samping tindakannya mencampak pelindung dada ke atas litar yang boleh membahayakan pelumba lain.

Sehubungan itu, Quartararo disahkan menamatkan saingan GP Catalunya di tempat keenam di belakang rakan sepasukan, Maverick Vinales.

Senario menimpa pelumba Perancis itu turut mencetuskan pelbagai tanda tanya, dengan ada yang mendakwa beg udara pada ‘racing suit’ jenama Alpinestars itu telah diaktifkan dengan sendiri lalu memaksa Quartararo membuang pelindung dada tersebut kerana menggangu.

Namun, dalam perkembanga terkini, Alpinestars dalam satu penjelasan di ruang Twitter menafikan dakwaan tersebut.

Sebaliknya, Alpinestars mendedahkan tiada kerosakan berlaku terhadap ‘racing suit’ Quartararo.

“Pasukan Pembangunan Alpinestars Racing telah menjalankan siasatan terhadap integriti ‘racing suit’ Quartararo.

“Bagaimanapun, pasukan mendapati ‘suit’ tersebut berada dalam keadaan normal dan berfungsi dengan baik termasuk bahagian zip.

“Malah, sistem beg udara Tech-Air juga berfungsi dan berada dalam keadaan baik dan tidak diaktifkan kerana tiada sebarang kemalangan berlaku.”

Meskipun begitu, Alpinestars telah telah menghantar ‘racing suit’ tersebut ke ibu pejabat bagi menjalankan lebih banyak analisis bagi cuba memahami apa yang berlaku pada hujung minggu lalu.

Alpinestars founder, Sante Mazzarolo, sadly passed away at his home in Italy earlier this week after battling a long-term illness. Aged 91 years old, the brightest ‘Alpine Star’ left a legacy that is arguably one of most renowned brands in the two-wheel industry, from your very first riding gear all the way up to the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, MotoGP. (more…)

  • Alpinestars released the data from Marc Marquez’s crash at Buriram.

  • It recorded a peak of 26.14G.

  • Marquez would walk away and went on to win the race and championship.

There’ve been countless times in the past two years when riders walked away after suffering massive crashes. Marc Marquez crashed heavily at Buriram over the weekend, and was another saved by his Alpinestars airbag suit.

Marquez said that he had shut the throttle for Turn 7 on his out lap in FP1, causing the cold rear tyre to let go. The force of highside crash threw him high in the air before coming back down hard. He said he couldn’t breathe for five seconds immediately after. The trackside doctor even sent him to the hospital for CT scans to verify that he was indeed okay.

Alpinestars have released the crash data captured by the sensors in Marquez’s suit, just like after the crash involving Fabio Quartararo and Andrea Dovizioso at Silverstone not too long ago.

It’s immediately apparent that Marquez hit the ground at 26.16G. That’s 26.14 times the force of gravity. We’re not sure how much he weighs, but let’s assume it’s 80 kg. Thus 26.14 x 80 = 2091.2 kg. It means he hit the ground equivalent to weighing 2091.2 kg.

Remember that it’s not how one crashes, instead it’s how one stops in a crash that does the most damage.

Looking at the graph again, the sensors determined that Marquez was flying through the air, marked the spikes a fraction just before airbag deployment. The air bag inflated at 0.585 second before impact to cushion the blow.

Marc Marquez lived to see another day. In fact, he went on to post fastest times in practice and qualifying before winning the race and securing his eighth overall world title.

Kudos to the men and women who designed the technology.

  • Here’s Andrea Dovizioso testing the Alpinestars airbag suit off his bike.

  • The suit saved him and Fabio Quartararo in a horror crash in the British MotoGP.

  • The airbag works on a very sophisticated algorithm.

We wrote about how the Alpinestars airbag suit saved Andrea Dovizioso and Fabio Quartararo in a horrific crash at the start of the British MotoGP.

Alpinestars published the data recorded by both men’s suits, as well.

But in this video, Dovizioso stands in and shows how it looks like when the suit inflates. As you can see in real motion, the airbags inside the suit expand quickly in anticipation of an impact.

However, bear in mind that the airbag ECU has a sophisticated algorithm to inflate a single airbag or airbags to different capacities. The ECU also determines when is the best time to inflate.

For example, a lowside triggers the inflation of a single airbag, leaving the other as a spare. The rider may choose to carry on riding. The inflated bag will deflate in short order, as well.

At the Silverstone round however, the sensors would’ve picked up that Dovizioso was flying through the air and inflate the both bags a little later so that he’d have a softer landing. Inflating too soon would mean the airbags could be below optimum inflation.

We’re thankful that the FIM mandated that airbags are compulsory in all three classes.

Check out the video below.

  • It was airbag technology that saved Andrea Dovizioso and Fabio Quartararo when they crashed heavily at the start of the British MotoGP.

  • Alpinestars had released the Tech-Air data.

  • This type of crash would’ve resulted in permanent injuries many years ago.

It was the airbag technology that saved Andrea Dovizioso and Fabio Quartararo when they crashed heavily at the start of the British MotoGP.

Alpinestars had released the Tech-Air airbag data.

Quartararo’s airbag inflated completely within 0.060 second while he was flying in the air before his landing and absorbed the shock. It was also scary to see that his crash lasted 4.7 second. That’s an eternity in an accident.

Dovizioso’s suit data showed why he came away more banged up. The Italian’s airbag inflated completely within 0.145 second. It took longer because he was flying higher in the air.

Compare how Quartararo took one big impact to Dovizioso’s multiple impacts. Remember, it’s not how you crash but how you stop that causes the seriousness of the damage.

The Alpinestars Tech-Air system works on a complex algorithm which determines the best duration and type of inflation based on data from gyroscopes spread around the suit.

For example, a lowside crash results in the suit inflating the first stage. The rider could get back on his bike and continue as the bag will deflate itself later.

In the event of a heavier crash like this one, the algorithm fires the airbag completely.

We’re all thankful that both riders walked away without more serious injury. This type of crash would’ve resulted in permanent injuries before the advent of the airbag equipped racesuit.

We only wish the technology was more affordable to road riders.

Ves Tech-Air Alpinestars – Sumber imej: Alpinestars

  • Alpinestars telah mengeluarkan jawapan mereka mengenai kes Mahkamah Rayuan Munich.
  • Mahkamah berkenaan telah membuat keputusan yang memihak dengan Dainese.
  • Alpinestars tetap dengan pendirian bahawa mereka tidak mencabuli hak paten Dainese.


  • Alpinestars published their response to the Munich Court of Appeals’ case.

  • The court sided with Dainese in their ruling.

  • Alpinestars maintains that they did not infringe on Dainese’s patents.

Alpinestars (A-Star) published their response to the recent German court decision with regards to a patent infringement case involving fellow Italian gear maker Dainese.

The decision by the Munich Court of Appeals will cause a huge effect to A-Stars’ Tech-Air airbag vests in the German market. In siding with Dainese, the court has issued an injunction against selling the product in the country. In addition to having their products pulled from the shelves, A-Stars also need to pay a huge sum in damages.

A-Stars is challenging Dainese’s charge that the they infringed on the latter’s patents. Judging from the wordings and language in the Press Release, the fight is not over. It’s going to be the Clash of Italian Titans.

The focal point of the contention is how the airbag vest is held in a garment.

Alpinestars’ Press Release

On February 7, 2019 the Higher Regional Court of Munich issued judgment upholding the claim that Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® vest infringes upon patent EP 2 412 257 B1 held by Dainese S.p.A.

Alpinestars wants to clarify that this action never involved the core of Alpinestars Tech-Air® technology; at no point, either past or present, has any action or patent infringement involved the electronic management, algorithm, or deployment mechanism, or any other part employed within Alpinestars entirely unique and advanced Tech-Air® technology.

Furthermore this judgment is limited to the territory of Germany only. It has no bearing on any other territories within Europe or the wider world market where Tech-Air® is available throughout Alpinestars’ Dealer network.

Originally Dainese alleged infringements based on three patents in Germany, none of them refer to Tech-Air® technology: one complaint was withdrawn by Dainese on 22nd December 2016, relating to patent EP 2 373 188, after this patent was revoked by the European Patent Office. The remaining two patents have been contested in Germany. The second, EP 2 373 190, concerning only some specific features of the air bladder used in the Tech-Air® vest, was wholly annulled by the German Federal Patent Court on 15 May 2018. Dainese appealed this decision.

The third, EP 2 412 257 B1, concerning the general installation of an inflatable air bladder construction within a ‘pocket’ of a garment, featuring elastic panels, is the point on which the patent infringement claim was upheld last week. As soon as the Court serves the written judgment, Alpinestars will study the details prior to taking any decision on its next steps.

Alpinestars needs to point out that it has an appeal pending on the validity of this patent (EP 2 412 257 B1) within the German Federal Court of Justice.

As consistently stated throughout this legal process, Alpinestars fully respects and honors third parties’ intellectual property rights and expects the same with respect to its own IP rights. Alpinestars’ highly innovative Tech-Air® products are based upon years of its in house research and development conducted by its own team of leading research and development staff.

Since the very beginning of the Tech-Air® project, which commenced in 2001, the freedom to ride with the most advanced innovations of performance protection has been the objective relentlessly pursued by Alpinestars and the result is uniquely advanced and capable technology. Tech-Air® is the world’s first airbag providing full upper torso protection in a transferable vest which incorporates a completely independent electronic management system, with no reliance on any external devices (sensors or GPS), to give accident detection and full airbag inflation before the first impact, dual charge for the track and off-road capability as demonstrated in the 2019 Dakar Rally.

Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® products represent an enormously innovative contribution to increased rider safety in motorcycling.

Ves D-Air rekaan Dainese – Sumber imej: Dainese

  • Sebuah mahkamah di Jerman telah memihak kepada Dainese dalam kes saman pencabulan paten menentang Alpinestars.
  • Mereka pada mulanya telah menyaman Alpinestars pada tahun 2015 kerana menggunakan sebahagian daripada ves D-Air Dainese dalam rekaan ves Tech-Air Alpinestars tanpa bayaran untuk paten berkenaan.
  • Mereka juga turut memfailkan litigasi di Itali, UK, dan Perancis.


  • A court in Germany ruled in favour of Dainese in their airbag patent infringement suit against Alpinestars.

  • They first sued Alpinestars in 2015 for using a part of their D-air vest in the latter’s Tech-Air vest without payment for the patent.

  • They also filed litigations in Italy, UK and France.

The Munich Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Dainese in their airbag patent infringement suit against Alpinestars (A-stars).

The case had been going on since 2015. A German court found Alpinestars had infringed on the patent previously in 2017. A-Stars brought the case to the Munich Court of Appeals and they lost again. Their next and last course of action is to refer the case to the German Federal Supreme Court.

Dainese sued A-stars in 2015 after finding the latter had copied an essential part of the D-air vest. The part was then used in A-stars’ Tech-Air airbag vests, without payment to Dainese for licensing.

Alpinestars Tech-Air vest – Photo credit Alpinestars

A-stars could well be in deep trouble, pending the German Supreme Court appeal. Dainese did not only file litigations in Germany. They also sued A-stars in Italy, the United Kingdom and France. The litigation floodgates could swing open in those countries should they lose in the German Supreme Court.

The confusion started in 2015 when Dainese released the D-air technology as an open platform as a responsibility to rider safety. This meant that other riding gear manufacturers can use the technology in their own products. But that did not mean they shouldn’t pay Dainese to use the patented technology. Unfortunately, this was what A-stars did.

So, what happens now? If A-stars loses their last appeal, German riders may not be able to keep their Tech Air vests. There’s no word of the case in other countries, so far but we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear of something.

Source: Motorcycle-USA

Alpinestars recently celebrated their 55th anniversary last weekend with the Alpinestars 55th anniversary custom bike.

The custom bike was built by Michael Wooloway of Woolies Workshop from California.

It is powered by a 1974 Ducati 750 Sport build race engine and other MotoGP-inspired components used by their greatest riders.

During the last MotoGP round that is the Grand Prix of the Americas in Texas, Italian’s premium motorcycle clothing manufacturer Alpinestars celebrated their 55th anniversary in the industry. How? By giving themselves a one-off custom bike as a gift! (more…)


  • Musim 2018 MotoGP akan menyaksikan ke semua penunggang tetap memakai sut perlumbaan berbeg udara sekiranya mereka ingin bertanding di dalam kategori perlumbaannya.
  • Ke semua sut perlumbaan mestilah dilengkapi dengan sistem beg udara yang akan memberikan perlindungan pada bahagian bahu dan tulang selangka.
  • Ini adalah satu langkah yang baik memandangkan para pengeluar akan melabur dengan lebih lagi untuk sebuah sistem beg udara yang mana akan membuatkannya lebih tersedia untuk para pengguna.


The MotoGP 2018 season will see all permanent riders wearing an airbag racing suit if they wish to compete in the race categories.

All racing suits must be fitted with an airbag system that will provide protection for the shoulders and collarbone.

This is a good move considering the manufacturers will invest more on airbag system which in turn will be made more available for consumers.

A very interesting update has just been confirmed by the folks over at MotoGP where beginning of the 2018 season, all riders must wear a racing suit equipped with airbag systems. The rule applies to each and every rider across all three categories (MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3) except for wildcard riders. (more…)

The Malaysian MotoGP is one of the busiest periods in the Bikes Republic calendar. There usually is a bunch of PR events, launch events, meet & greet events and exclusive dinners to attend. A busy period but also a good period as this is the time we meet all our heroes, and are sometimes given a chance to meet heroes from the past.

One of those exclusive dinners was hosted by Alpinestars, the maker of ultra-sophisticated leathers, gloves, shoes and other motorcycle riding gear that are all clinically designed to keep the rider safe in all situations.

The dinner took place at Sama-Sama Hotel the night before race day, and was attended by selected media, Alpinestars distributors from Malaysia and the region and staff of Alpinestars. The dinner was also attended by MotoGP legend Randy Mamola, who was well-known for his on and off track antics.

The American still has his electrifying personality; when Randy speaks, you automatically shut up and listen. He was there as the ambassador of Alpinestars, so he took centrestage and began to share his experiences on track and such.

Randy was about 10-minutes into his talk when suddenly the door opens and Cal Crutchlow walks in. The Brit is also known for his “no-holes-barred” conversation style as he always speaks his mind and does not hold back.

Seeing the two talk about modern races, technology, and Marc Marquez was indeed an honour, an honour we captured on our phone.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did being in the same room with these two legends. We did not capture the moment when Cal drops in, but here is how the rest of the conversation goes:


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