Video: No more flat tires!

Flat tires are a bikers nightmare and often leave us stranded. It can be worse if a local tire shop does not stock your tire size (Diavel riders, stand up and be noticed). That usually results in a trip cut short, a tow truck, and a long sad ride home in the truck. But not anymore. Introducing RhinoTire. It claims to be the best and most effective tire protection system in the world. It works by evenly distributing a special liquid polymer to the inside of a wheel. It is first heated up to a very high temperature before application. And once applied, the polymer cools, forming a special gel that quickly closes up when punctured. It apparently does not affect balance, doesn’t spill or anything. It is even said to reduce tire noise by up to 30%. This thing seems to be god sent.

Check out the video below!



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