RM3.13 million to fix Federal Highway bike lane… Finally!

Works Ministry allocates RM3.13 million budget to fix up dangerous Federal Highway bike lane.

Screen grab from Autofreaks.com & i-moto.com.my's collaborative video
Screen grab from Autofreaks.com & i-moto.com.my’s collaborative video

It seems the outcry of many local riders have finally been heard. Local newswire Bernama reported yesterday that the Works Ministry has allocated a RM3.13 million budget to fix up the dangerous Federal Highway bike lane.

Its minister, Dato’ Seri Fadillah Yusof, made the announcement after taking a pillion ride down perhaps one of the route’s most dangerous stretches spanning from the Universiti LRT station right up to the Batu Tiga Toll Plaza.

“We will increase lighting, paint the tunnel walls with bright colours, paint lane lines, widen the path, increase the number of signboards and improve the entry and exit of the motorcycle lanes,” said the minister in his statement to the press.

Dato’ Seri Fadillah Yusof further added that the ministry is currently awaiting approval to construct overhead ramps and increase the number of water pumps at the stretch along Jalan 222 in Petaling Jaya – an area of the route notorious for flooding issues.

Works Minister Dato’ Seri Fadillah Yusof previously took plenty of flack following his earlier remarks claiming that the Federal Highway bike lane was “safe”. We reckon his first hand look at things has rightfully changed his views.

Click here to read our previous report on just how unsafe the Federal Highway bike lane is to bikers that includes several online videos published by both citizens and local motoring scribes.



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