Reevu builds first in-helmet HUD system

Head Up Display Communications Systems from Reevu.

The future of biking gear has arrived as innovative firm Reevu announced it successfully built the world’s first in-helmet Heads-Up Display (HUD) system.

If the name Reevu sounds familiar, it is the same firm that developed the MSX-1 helmet with an integrated rear-view mirror display. To refresh your memories, we have posted the MSX-1 demonstration video below.

World's First "I" EYE Integrated Intelligent Helmet Invention

Reevu plans to take that idea a step further with its HUD system. The display will utilise a multiple reflective optical system to display said information. The display system is integrated into the top part of the helmet visor, projecting information, according to images, and feeding other information as well such as lap times, speed, and turn-by-turn navigation.

Though it sounds like a handful for the minds of most riders, Reevu promises the display will not strain riders’ vision or cause distractions.

In a press statement, Reevu’s marketing sales director Graham Steele states:
“This invention takes the Reevu business into a $500 billion mobile communications market, as we negotiate with a number of companies to spin out the innovation into a number of business sectors utilizing our commercially available optical system, If you need H.U.D. communications systems in an article of headgear we have the commercially viable answer.”

Not just for bikers, the system’s application is pretty vast in both motoring and non-motoring fields. We reckon Reevu’s fighter jet-style in-helmet HUD systems will make it way to product shelves very soon.

Reevu MSX-1 in-helmet rear-view mirror



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