OKO launches On-Road Motorcycle tyre sealant in Malaysia

If you’re constantly worried about punctures, OKO has just launched its latest On-Road Motorcycle tyre sealant here in Malaysia. This new product will help to seal any punctures up to 5mm on tubeless tyres using the latest technology that won’t compromise the tyre’s lifespan and integrity of the rims.

Made in the UK, OKO tyre sealants have been in the Malaysian market since 2015, but the earlier stages we focused more on commercial vehicles like lorries, agricultural equipment, and huge construction machines. Now, they’re venturing into motorcycles with its latest products developed thanks to years of experience in Europe.

What differentiates the OKO On-Road Motorcycle tyre sealant from the rest of tyre sealants in the market is that the product does not use latex and ammonia that may lose its performance over time as well as being toxic when coming into physical contact with the user.

OKO’s tyre sealant is none of the above as it works effortlessly to plug in any holes or punctures up to 5mm. Anything beyond that won’t be a hassle as it can easily be washed away using water (other products tend to dry out and form nasty gunks within the tyre which needs to be scrapped away from the rims before installing a new tyre).

So for any leaks up to 5mm, OKO On-Road Motorcycle sealant can assist in sealing it multiple times without sacrificing control while avoiding sudden loss of air pressure with the usual punctures. Years and countless miles of testing in Holland ensure that they walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

For individual use, the OKO On-Road Motorcycle tyre sealant is available in 800ml bottles at RM119 each (recommended retail price), which is adequate for most motorcycle tyres here in Malaysia. To be sure, they’ve also included a dosage calculator on their official website so you can check how much product you’ll need for your tyre sizes.

OKO is also offering the product in 5-litre cans and 25-litre drums for huge volume usage like workshops. To know more, head over to www.okomalaysia.com/oko-Motorcycles/ for more details. Ride safe, everyone.



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