Kawasaki rolls out the Kawasaki Vulcan S


Cruiser enthusiast can jump for joy as Kawasaki had just released the Vulcan S, a middle weight cruiser using the 649cc parallel-twin engine from the Versys 650 and ER-6 range.

Adapting to the new chassis, the engine on the Kawasaki Vulcan S is retuned for better low and mid range power. The engine is rated at 61hp and 46lbft or 63.3Nm with a kerb weight of 225kg.

However so far availability is only for America and Europe but we have a feeling its going to be available here too. Hopefully.

More detail when the bike is showcased at the up coming Eicma but here is what the official release by Kawasaki said:
‘Kawasaki launches Vulcan S as new mid-weight contender
A brand new model is set to be added to the Kawasaki 2015 motorcycle line-up in the UK for the coming season, the Vulcan S.
Completing the Vulcan family with a fresh and unique mid-capacity machine for those who think outside the box – and already revealed in the USA – the new Vulcan S will also be gracing European soil, beginning with an unveiling at November’s EICMA show in Milan. The Vulcan S is definitely not a standard everyday cruiser, more an innovative and fashionable approach with low-riding looks and a contemporary urban personality.
At the heart of the Vulcan S is the proven parallel twin 649cm3 engine, known and loved in the Versys 650 and ER6n/f, now reconsidered and re-tuned for a fundamentally different character in its new role. This engine shows its muscle from pull-away with a gutsy low-mid range yet it is still easy to exploit its full performance potential throughout the upper reaches of the power band. Newcomers to the world of two wheels will particularly appreciate the overall engine settings which make the Vulcan S easy to master.

As performance of the Vulcan S is enviable, the brakes too assure safe and smooth braking with a 300mm front disc, controlled by a two-piston caliper, while the rear wheel carries a 250mm disc and single piston caliper. Additionally, the latest spec ABS is optional and programmed to provide safely controlled stopping power in all conditions – another advantage for those new to two wheels.

An offset laydown single-shock rear suspension complements the styling of the bike with a linkage arrangement enabling a longer stroke for increased ride comfort. The rear suspension configuration also contributes to the bike’s compact design, freeing up space for a distinctive large-volume silencer under the engine.

Reassuringly, rider preference and use is also considered as the rear suspension sports adjustable preload, with 7 positions to suit rider size and payload. Putting rider comfort first, the telescopic front fork contributes to the bike’s easy-to-control, light and natural handling.

The low seat height makes this bike accessible to any rider, young or more mature, male or female and makes city stop-and-go riding fun and easy. The slim chassis aids easier ground reach, while the plush sculpted seat offers excellent hip support and comfort. No compromises have been made to stability though, as the long wheelbase, low centre of gravity and centralised mass all offer high stability for highway cruising and easy manoeuvrability.

Interestingly, one of the many great features of the new Vulcan S are 3-position adjustable rear to front foot-pegs so the rider can customise their bike according to their personal measurements and preferences. Further personalising this machine, both the brake and clutch levers are adjustable to facilitate ideal hand reach and effort.

This trend-setting addition to the Kawasaki family adds modern style and flare standing out from the rest of the field. The Vulcan S is positioned as the “real deal” with looks, comfort, practicality, accessibility and performance as key attributes.

With an urban design approach characterised by flowing style and a long-and-low stance – plus modern styling elements like the original headlamp and distinctive cast wheels – the Vulcan S introduces very non-traditional cruiser looks. Discover more about the all-new Vulcan S at EICMA and ride, your way.’

Source: visordown



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