Kawasaki And Toyota Team Up To Develop Hydrogen Engines

Kawasaki has signed an agreement with the biggest carmaker, Toyota, to work on the development of hydrogen engines for motorcycles.

  • Kawasaki and Toyota penned a deal to develop hydrogen engines.
  • Toyota recently launched the Toyota Mirai, the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell car. 

While Kawasaki is known to be active in developing sustainable alternatives to the ICE, the new alliance with Toyota just took the effort a step further.

Despite already being in advanced stages in terms of hydrogen technology, Kawasaki wants the new deal with Toyota to help speed up the process.

Furthermore, Toyota recently launched the Toyota Mirai, the world’s first commercially available hydrogen fuel cell car, for which more than 2,600 examples have already been sold globally.

 According to reports, the two parties agreed on the deal earlier this month, with Toyota President Akio Toyoda driving a hydrogen-powered Kawasaki ATV at the Twin Ring Motegi. 

Team Green already showcased its first electric and hybrid motorcycle recently at Suzuka 8 Hours. That said, the official unveiling will happen soon.



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