Indian introduces new RoadMaster – Video

Indian Motorcycle has revealed a new Roadmaster model for 2015. It is essentially a classic looking cruiser with all the right touching like big fairings, bags and a lot of chrome, very much like a, you guessed it, Electra Glide.


The bike is powered by the same 111 cubic inches ‘Thunder Stroke’ engine as the rest of the Indian range. It’s impressive bodywork includes an electrically-adjustable screen, huge panniers and hard top box, as well as storage spots inside the fairing. Other kit includes heated seats, lots of leather and heated grip.


And just in case the heat gets too much, the heated grips have 10 settings and the rider and pillion can adjust the heat of the seats separately. Passenger floorboards are adjustable as well.


Other features include remote central locking for the luggage, keyless ignition, and LED lights.


It doesn’t end there though, there are plenty of other options to part you from your cash. These include pillion armrests, a heel shifter, more chrome racks for even more luggage bags, a ‘Big Sucker’ intake for improved throttle response and more power than the standard 91bhp developed by the 1811cc V-Twin engine.


And if you feel that the Roadmaster is a bit too much for you, there is also word of another smaller, lighter and sportier machine under the ‘Scout’ name in the near future.




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