Another Case of Wire Strung Across Motorcycle Lane

Photo credit Harian Metro
  • Another motorcyclist had his finger cut by a wire strung across a motorcycle lane.

  • The location is at the entrance from Taman Greenwood to the DUKE highway.

  • A same occurrence happened at the same location last year.

In September 2018, a motorcyclist was almost beheaded by a wire strung across the motorcycle lane. Since then, another motorcyclist almost met the same fate at the same location.

Harian Metro reported two days ago that 28-year-old Mohamad Syazwan Mohd. Jelani, was riding from Sri Gombak to Kuala Lumpur when he encountered the booby trap. The location of the trap was at motorcycle lane entering the DUKE Highway from Taman Greenwood.

Syazman recounted that he felt something on his face which then travelled downwards to his neck. He almost lost control of his motorcycle at the time, but managed to grab his neck out of reflex. His fingers found a piece of wire. He managed to push it above his head and helmet, but the offending material cut into his fingers, almost taking it off.

“The motorcyclists behind stopped to help and one of them told me it could be a kite string,” said Syazman. “But there weren’t any kites flying and it didn’t snap when I pulled on it. Instead, it cut into my fingers.”

He has since reported the case to the police.

In the same incident last year, Mohamad Afiq Izwan Ismail suffered a cut on his neck when it came into contact with fishing wire strung across the bike lane.

We urge the authorities to act before something serious happens.

Source: Harian Metro



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