Yamaha and Santander introduces online financing application system

Yamaha teams up with UK bank Santander, brings online financing application system to buyers.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the idea of buying a motorcycle online from the comfort of your couch at home is no longer a strange concept. In the UK, Yamaha is taking that a step further after recently teaming up with major UK bank Santander.

The collaboration sees the new Santander Consumer Finance (SCF) Finance Calculator feature now integrated into Yamaha UK’s webpage.

The feature allows buyers to fully tailor their own monthly finance quote, create a finance application and get a decision in real-time. Besides the bike’s base price, this feature can also calculate a deposit, financing term, annual mileage and any accessories as well.

Approval is as simple as getting a green (yes) or red (no) light display, and buyers can sign the agreement digitally after receiving the former.

This new financing calculator and online application method is reportedly welcomed by many of Yamaha UK’s authorised dealers, which is perhaps good news indeed for Yamaha fans in the UK.

Closer to home, Malaysians can also indulge in this luxury of purchasing bikes online, albeit in a slightly different method…

In case you didn’t know, motorcycles are available on sale via popular online shopping platforms such as Shopee. A number of authorised dealers are present on such platforms, offering a multitude of bike models plus monthly instalment plans through select banks.

Depending on your credit limit and product price, purchases using credit card instalment schemes with 0% interest are available too. However, these are limited in terms of their tenure length and monthly payment amount options.

Given how easy it is, would you opt to buy a bike online?



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