Want a Cub Scrambler? Here’s the Honda CT125

  • The Honda CT125 is going into production.

  • It could be sold under Trail 125 or Hunter Cub name.

  • It’s an homage to the original Honda Cub trail of the 60s.

It looks like the Honda CT125 is headed into production.

The prototype bike was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show but could be sold under a different name. Bennets UK reported that the manufacturer had trademarked the “Trail 125” and “Hunter Cub” names in the US.

The bike is based on the Super Cub 125 which our sister site Motomalaya.net reviewed a few months back. The four-stroke, single-cylinder engine produces 9.5 bhp, sent through a 4-speed gearbox. As the name suggests, and to highlight the bike’s vocation, it’ll be fitted with chunky knobby tyres on wire spoke rims. The CT125 will also receive a substantial pressed-steel frame instead of the Super Cub’s steel-tube chassis. The exhaust is also placed high a la scramblers.

In fact, the CT125 is an homage to the Honda Cub off-road line-up in the 60s. You’ve probably seen a few running around in Malaysia or hiding in a shed.

We hope it’ll make its way to Malaysia. It’s definitely one cut off-roader!



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