Voxan To Attempt Another Electric Speed World Record With Max Biaggi

Everything is about breaking the world record when it comes to Voxan.

During last year Halloween weekend, the Voxan team set a total of eleven new records at the Châteauroux Airfield in France, thanks to Max Biaggi.

Breaking 11 world records already an impressive accomplishment for Voxan, considering the world was caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, there is a new competitor in town, namely the White Motorcycle Concepts, who plans to set a new electric speed record with their WMC250EV in 2022.

As a result, team Voxan has decided not to back down from the challenge and is currently busy optimizing its Voxan Wattman streamliner with Max Biaggi set to return the second time.

“Trying to set new speed records barely one year after obtaining the very first ones is exhilarating! I am fortunate to count on an inspired and inspiring team who made the Voxan Wattman the fastest electric motorcycle in the world.

“11 records (validated by the International Motorcycling Federation), that’s good but… not enough! I still want to help advance electric mobility,” said Gildo Pastor, Venturi-Voxan President.



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