Volkspod VW Minibike — Fancy Something Different?

Photo credit yankodesign.com
  • The Volkspod VW Minibike was build as an homage to the VW Beetle Type 1.

  • The creator took the fenders of VW and placed them over a minibike chassis.

  • It results in something cute and radical at the same time.

Remember the end of the movie “Cars” when the credits showed the characters in “A Bug’s Life” as Volkswagen Beetles? Well, the Volkspod VW Minibike definitely reminded us of that scene all too well.

The Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 enjoys a cult status shared among vintage car collectors and customisers everywhere. For Brent Walker it was an opportunity to unit both two sides into the VW Mini Bike, which he fondly calls “Volkspod.”

Photo credit yankodesign.com

Brent took the bulbous fender from each end of the car as the bodywork of the minibike. Each piece is equipped with both headlight and taillight, so it’s almost like a complete car when you put two Volkspod together.

There wasn’t much technical detail but the source quoted the engine at 79cc. It looks like one of those found in lawnmowers or gas-powered generators. The engine drives a chain final drive. Brent built a compact steel tube frame around the engine to tie all parts together and support the “bodywork.” There are also footboards and brakes. The creator thoughtfully installed the VW logo on the engine case.

Photo credit yankodesign.com

The result is something cool and a whole lotta cute. Hmm… the green one kinda looks like Mike Wazowski.

Can we see this at Art of Speed?

Source and photos: Yanko Design



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