Video: This is how Ural tests its sidecar motorcycles

Russian sidecar motorcycle maker Ural releases video showing how it conducts gruelling products tests.

In more ways than one, Ural isn’t your typical motorcycle maker. So it was only natural that this cult-favourite maker of sidecars from Russia had its own methods of product and quality testing unlike the rest.

This video shows us just how the Russian firm conducts quality tests on its products before they reach customers. For lack of better words, these tests are indeed insane, hardcore and tough.

From wadding across a freezing, fast-flowing river to conquering difficult off-road terrains covered in mud and rocks, the plucky Ural sidecar motorcycles seems to walk over them like it was nothing.

What’s interesting to note here too is the fact that the tests are conducted by some of the brand’s top-level management. Besides the chief designer and chief engineer, there’s also the director of purchasing and chief accountant taking part in these tests.

If ever there were any doubts about just how tough these Ural sidecar motorcycles are, or that the brand wasn’t operated by people who weren’t into motorcycles, then this video should silence them. And we wouldn’t disagree with the brand should it lay claim to have the toughest product testing regime ever.

You can also click here to watch the hilariously informative sidecar riding guide the firm released earlier in collaboration with Good Spark Garage.



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