This Vintage Bell Magnum Helmet Is On Sale For A Whopping RM65,000!

Like everything else in life, the world of motorcycle helmets is also related to expensiveness, especially when the helmet comes with a particular design and number of units.

  • A vintage Bell Magnum Super helmet is on sale for RM65,000. 

  • the made in USA product is not in a pristine condition. 

Also sometimes, some helmets are determined by their age, the older it is – in addition with how many are being built, of course – the expensive it gets.

But can you imagine a helmet that cost around the same as a full size motorcycle?

Well, here you go. A seller on a popular e-commerce platform in Malaysia is selling this vintage Bell Magnum Super helmet for RM65,000.

Let us also remind you that the helmet on sale is not new, instead it’s in a preloved/used state. So imagine the price tag if the helmet is in an immaculate, straight out of the box condition?


With that price, you can actually purchase a very low mileage Ducati Hypermotard 950 from, so let that sink in.

Also, the most exclusive and helmet in present time, the Arai RX-7V RC Carbon – said to be the culmination of all the years of Arai’s experience – only cost around EUR3,200 (RM14k).

So what makes the vintage Bell Magnum Super so expensive? Well, we are not experts when it comes to vintage piece but perhaps there are valid reason why it carries an astonishing high price.

For those interested (if any) feel free to check out the helmet and do tell us what you think at the comment section below.



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