This Rider Accidentally Found Herself In A Desert Rally

Like you, we also like to do a quick stroll on YouTube to check on interesting bike-related content. One of our favourites is to catch on Noraly – aka Itchy Boots – on her riding adventure.

  • Noraly is a rider/moto vlogger that shares her adventure riding aboard the Honda CRF300 Rally. 

  • Itchy Boots currently has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Amassing more than 1 million subscribers, Noraly is currently in Season 6 of Itchy Boots Adventures, where she is trying to make her way to Alaska from Ecuador aboard her trusty Honda CRF300 Rally.

During a recent episode (episode 98), Noraly was trying to make it across Mexico by going through Baja, but to her surprise, she accidentally found herself in a desert Rally.

Not only that, but Noraly also found herself riding the wrong way down while the rally was ongoing.

During the 24-minute and 17-second video, you could see several riders going past in other directions, which you can check out below:

Thankfully, Noraly did her best to keep off the main line while the riders pushed forward.

For anyone just catching up, Noraly is an experienced rider, and she rode a proper rally before when she took on the Kalahari in 2021 as a first-timer.

However, in a latest update, Noraly unfortunately got into an accident and injured herself.

Despite countless bike drops and ridden more than 130,000 kilometers across the world, this is the first time that Noraly couldn’t continue riding.



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