This Gadget Reminds You To Turn Off Your Blinkers

Most premium bikes now come fitted with self-cancelling turn indicators, but how many of us can afford the price tag that comes with it?

So for us who can’t afford to own a technologically advanced bike, we tend to forget to turn off the blinkers considering we can’t hear the ticking sound.

However, the days of forgetting to turn off your indicators might come to an end as someone has just invented a Bluetooth intercom system called Indimate, that reminds you to turn off your blinkers after a turn.

The mechanism is simple; when the indicator is turned on, it transmits an acoustic signal to the Bluetooth unit in the helmet. (Yes, the Indimate can only function if you installed Bluetooth comms on your helmet.)

Meanwhile, you can mount the Intimate anywhere on the motorcycle; however, Nicolas Rogers, the man behind the device, suggest it’s best to hide it under the seat to prevent theft.

According to Rogers, the installation process is simple. There are four cables, and each needs to be connected to the right and left indicator, one ground and one on the battery positive terminal.

Interestingly, Indimate also allow riders to use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot and pair it to their smartphones. While connected, riders can hear the indicator ticks in the background while listening to music, during a phone call or while communicating with fellow riders.

The Indimate is expected to cost around USD70 (RM292) and will be available for pre-orders soon.

(Source: Motorrad Online)



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