Singapore electric motorcycles ready to enter Southeast Asia market

Two Singapore start-up companies are currently in high gear to step up their efforts in producing the country’s first batch of electric motorcycles for the Southeast Asia market – Scorpio Electric and Ion Mobility. The news was reported as Singapore relaxed its ruling for electric bikes with more than 10kW to be allowed on the roads in their move to adopt environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Image credit: Scorpio Electric

Scorpio Electric, in particular, has a clear target to launch its very first model in the middle of this year which is already backed with proper facilities to assist in producing and assembling around 8,000 electric motorcycles per year. The best thing about their bikes is the inclusion of ‘artificial intelligence’ and data analytics for greater energy efficiency.

Starting with the Southeast Asia market as a testbed, the brand hopes to be a global brand in the near future, one that is up there with Apple and Tesla. With that being said, another Singaporean company looks to have its hand in the market as well – Ion Mobility.

Image credit: Ion Mobility

Their goals are somewhat the same with Scorpio Electric but with an addition of coming up with products that are affordable to match its overall performance. The market for consumer electric motorcycle, especially in the region is still a young one, and having a healthy competition allows for greater development not just for their products, but how countries can adopt these machines quickly and effectively.

In the past few years alone, we’ve seen great development strides in the world of electric motorcycles. One of the biggest is MotoE – MotoGP’s first all-electric race series that uses Energica bikes to compete in a one-make race.

Other brands already have a few samples in their arsenal but companies like Scorpio Electric and Ion Mobility are sure to make products that are more affordable for the masses, especially in developing the economy.

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