SHARK Evo-One 2: “Modular, Integral”

  • The SHARK Evo-One 2 improves the modular concept.

  • Its integral design makes it more convenient and safer.

  • It’s also loaded with a number of useful features.

Modular helmets are convenient but riding with the chinguard flipped up isn’t exactly safe or comfortable. The SHARK Evo-One 2 changes that.

While “normal” flip-up helmets have their chinbars hanging above the face, the Evo-One 2’s can be flipped all the way back for a true jet-type (open-faced) helmet. So, rather than being a modular helmet, it is a true integral-type helmet.

This is achieved by using SHARK’s patented mechanism. However, the Evo-One 2 takes the concept further by opening and closing the faceshield when the chinbar is flipped to open and vice-versa.

Features and highlights:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) designed compact aerodynamic profile reduces noise.
  • Retractable, removable and magnetized noise-absorbent breath guard.
  • Simple, ergonomic and shock-resistant chinbar locking mechanism.
  • Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog insert included.
  • Impact certification for both the chinbar and integral configuration.
  • Integrated drop-down sun visor.
  • Anti-scratch visor.
  • SHARK visor Auto Seal system which “pulls” faceshield inwards to seal against weather rubber seal.
  • Quick release visor mechanism.
  • Micrometric strap enclosure.
  • SHARK trademark Easy Fit eyeglasses pockets.
  • Removable and machine-washable interior comfort lining.
  • Bluetooth-ready location.

We would to mention that the Auto Seal feature makes a lot of difference in ensuring a tight seal against wind noise and water ingress.

We also found the SHARK Evo-One 2 mighty useful when touring: With the chinbar locked in front in the sport-touring role, and flipped to back when riding in the urban environment with heavy traffic.

The SHARK EVO-One 2 is priced at RM2,060. The price is negotiable so please call the number below for the best deal.


3-G, Street Wing, Persiaran Mahogani

Sunsuria Avenue

Kota Damansara

47810 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Number: +60128003470




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