SC-Project Unveil New SC1-S Full-System Exhaust For 2021 Yamaha MT-07 – RM7.1k

Yamaha best-selling model to date, the MT-07, was given an extensive upgrade for 2021, including a new bodywork and a revised 689cc parallel-twin motor.

Thanks to a 270-degree crankshaft, the MT-07 delivers a similar exhaust note of a V-Twin configuration. This also resulted in owners seeking aftermarket exhaust to amplify the sound and increase power delivery.

Italian exhaust manufacturer SC-Project has just introduced a new Euro5 compliant SC1-S full system for the 2021 MT-07.

Interestingly, while SC-Project has a reputation for producing a downright obnoxious exhaust sound, the SC1-S offers just the right balance between socially acceptable and loud.

According to the company, the SC1-S uses a two-into-one arrangement mated to a slip-on exhaust at the end.

Frankly, not only does the exhaust look sleek, but it also increases the overall ‘badass’ element of the MT-07 compared to the stock underbelly exhaust. More importantly, it sounds better than the stock, especially at a higher rev range.

Moving on to the price, the new SC1-S is available for USD1,733 (RM7.1k).



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