Saudi women can now ride motorcycles!

  • The driving ban in Saudi Arabia has been officially lifted earlier this week.

  • Women all over the kingdom are already operating vehicles and enrolling in driving schools.

  • Due to a lack of female riding instructors, only a small group of women managed to start learning how to ride in the capital.

Image source: Arab News

It was a historic moment for all Saudi women earlier this week as the driving ban was finally lifted after decades of oppression. Media all over Saudi Arabia erupted with joy as women everywhere began their journey of operating their own vehicles in the kingdom.

Image source: IBTimes UK

Many reported that women with international driving licenses were the first group of individuals to apply for the Saudi permit and get themselves behind the steering wheel (and handlebars, too). While most opted for driving vehicles, women have already started learning to ride in the country’s capital.

For those of who have not heard, King Salman announced the royal decree last September to lift the ban on women driving vehicles on the road. The fact was further cemented when the Saudi Arabia Centre of International Communication posted the official news on their Twitter page last December.

As stated earlier, women with international licenses are already out and about as they are not required to attend any local driving schools. Others who are eager to learn have already begun enrolling themselves and based on what we already know, the country is low on female motorcycle riding instructors.

With a surge of demand for this particular skill, we’re guessing that the pay might be higher than the average rates outside of Saudi Arabia. That’s quite an impressive work to add into your portfolio, don’t you think?

Congrats, Saudi Arabia! Ride safe and don’t forget all of the proper riding gear!

Image source: Reuters

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