Riders Turn Race into Boxing Match in Full Leathers

Racers fistfight - Photo credit dailymail.co.uk
  • Watch as these two Costa Rican riders get into each other.

  • The action caused both to engage in a melee.

  • The Latin American Motorcycle Association DQ’ed and banned both riders.

Boxing match and fisticuffs are a rarity in motorcycle racing these day as riders have to “behave professionally” on the track and off. But sometimes, adrenaline and emotions take over resulting in a slugging match.

Case in point was the famous incident at the Misano Moto2 race, in which hothead Romano Fenati grabbed Stefano Manzi’s front brake lever. The incident aroused a furious backlash that circled the globe about 3 billion times. Fenati was kicked out of his present team at the time and was supposed to be banned for life. But Dorna and the FIM were generous enough to allow him to race in Moto3 this year.

Well, that ought to serve a warning to riders, doesn’t it? Maybe. Because when the red mist descends, it’s all handbags.

The following boxing match between Marion Calvo and Jorge Martinez in the Costa Rica national race.

Both riders touched while braking for the turn, knocking Martinez off his bike. Martinez ended up clinging to Calvo’s seat hump, in turn causing him to lose control.

When the bike came to a stop, Martinez could’ve run to his bike to continue the race. Instead, his anger got the better of him and he swung at Calvo. Calvo was knocked off his bike.

Photo credit dailymail.co.uk

Calvo then went after Martinez and shoved him on his back, before both riders got back to riding again.

As expected, the Latin Motorcycle Association kicked them out of the race and subsequently banned them. They can now join boxing or MMA.



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