Rempit (Hooligan) Causes Scary Accident

Photo credit Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS
  • A rempit botched a wheelie and crashed, which led to a serious accident involving other road users.

  • The dashcam video was recorded by one of the vehicles involved.

  • All parties were thankfully okay.

The rempit (hooligan) menace is nothing short of an epidemic on Malaysian roads. In this latest case near Gua Chempedak, one botched a wheelie and crashed, which led to a serious accident involving other road users.

In the video below, the Nissan Almera’s dashcam recorded a group of three bikes ridden in dangerous manner. One of them pulled a wheelie after the on-bridge.

Further down the road, while a woman in the car can be heard planning a potluck party, a white Mitsubishi Triton 4×4 swerved hard left. It ran over a crashed motorcycle on the road and went cartwheeling toward the vehicle that was recording the entire episode.

The Nissan swerved left to avoid the barreling Triton but was still hit on the rear right quarter, and sliced off the road.

Photo credit Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

The rempit was caught by passersby. All three vehicles involved i.e. motorcycle, Triton and Almera suffered major damage. All parties walked away from the accident, but we hate to imagine the outcome if there were infants or children in the vehicles.

As usual, the “onion army” was out in force in social media, criticizing the rempit who caused the accident. Some even went as far as questioning why didn’t the 4×4 driver just run over rider. Additionally, as commonly seen in accidents involving motorcycles, there were parties who criticized motorcyclists as a whole, as if we are collectively guilty.

Photo credit Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

Truth is, no responsible motorcyclist can stand even the sight of a rempit. These cretins serve no other purpose than putting the general public at danger and sully the good name of motorcyclists everywhere. And don’t get us started about those who turn into dogs who love to chase bikes bigger than theirs.

There has to be some concerted approach in ridding the streets of this menace. Criticizing on social media serves no discernible purpose.

The rempit – Photo credit Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS


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