Price of 2019 Suzuki Katana Revealed in UK

  • The price for the 2019 Suzuki Katana was revealed in the UK.

  • The original Katana revolutionized motorcycle styling.

  • When will it come to Malaysia?

While Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia announced that they will bring the 2019 Suzuki Katana to our shores, there is yet any date of its release and price.

The Katana name is among the legends from the Hamamatsu-based manufacturer, alongside the GSX-R and RGV (during the heydays of the two-strokes). Suzuki knows that most of their bikes have gone under enthusiasts’ radars for the past number of years. Hence rolling out the Katana ought to bring them back to the fore again.

The Hans Muth-designed first Suzuki Katana stunned many when it was unveiled. Some called it too big of a departure from contemporary motorcycle styling. But a bigger group who fell in love with it made a bigger noise, hence it came a legend.

However, the styling didn’t only bode well with enthusiasts, as it did so with other motorcycle designers, too. If this was a different dimension where the Katana never existed, current motorcycles would look a whole lot different.

So, this is what the manufacturer is banking on. Bring the heritage of the bike named after the Samurai sword back to (hopefully) those who are nostalgic for it and/or a newer generation.

Okay, okay, we’re sold. How much?

£11,399 (RM 61,741.80). We wish it’ll be that cheap when it arrives!

Source: MCN



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