Preparing your Bike for a Sale

  • Selling your bike means you need to prepare it for the sale.

  • Best not to sell your bike in poor condition.

  • Doing so may compromise the buyer’s safety besides getting a low price.

So, you’re planning to sell your current bike. You’d like to sell it at the highest possible price, of course. As such, you need to prepare it for the sale instead of being too literal with selling it “as it is.”

Wash and wax it

A dirty bike will put off a potential buyer even if it’s well-maintained and runs like how it did when it first exited the showroom. Would you want to buy a bike that’s caked in dust or mud (unless you wish to restore a vintage)?

Washing here includes the chain and the engine.

Tune it up

Sent it to your favourite mechanic and fix a potential problem. Don’t pass off a bike with especially brake or suspension problems which may compromise the safety of the buyer.

Service the bike

Speaking of the mechanic, you may as well go ahead and perform a periodic service. Change the oil and filter, clean or replace the air filter, and put in new plugs. The buyer will appreciate it and could well settle for a higher price.

Charge up or change the battery

Would you buy a bike that can’t start? You’d probably feel suspicious if the seller says, “Oh, the battery’s just flat, that’s all.” You want to hear how the engine sounds or if electrics and electronics still work. It’s the same when you sell.

Show your maintenance record

Make sure you keep those receipts or have the workshop stamp your service booklet. Failing that, official dealer or reputable workshops do keep records of your visit. Go to them and as for the service history. Nicely, of course.

Fuel it up

Best to have at least a half tank of petrol when the buyer comes to pick it up. A full tank is best. That way, he will go away happy and you can pat yourself for a job well done.



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