Police biker filmed dancing on top of his bike

Police biker filmed dancing on top of his bike in Nigeria is as epic as it sounds.

Now here’s a guy who perhaps loves his job a little too much. This police biker was filmed dancing on top of his bike on a highway network in Nigeria.

Given how endlessly straight the highway was in the video, we reckon this was said cop’s way of curing boredom. Likely, this cop had his police-spec touring machine’s cruise control activated throughout his performance.

Surely, the fact that he can bust a move so comfortably whilst standing on the seat is perhaps a testament to the stability of the boxer-powered BMW (likely a police-spec R1200RT) he was riding.

Well, when boredom strikes, one needs to get a little bit creative no? We hope to see more viral videos of this police biker in the near future – provided he hasn’t received any disciplinary action for this stunt of course.

While dancing is the last thing anyone would expect a bike cop to be master of, you should know that some of these guys have undergone special training to handle their steeds. Here’s one copper showing how a moto gymkhana is done right with his heavyweight Harley-Davidson bagger.



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