Phuket Bike Week 2020 postponed?

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has put a dent on a lot of international events, including the Thailand MotoGP round which was set to take place in March but postponed at the end of the year. Now, news surrounding another major bike-related event is currently under threat of postponement is the Phuket Bike Week 2020.

The Thai government is working hard on trying to contain and eradicate the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the country. One of the ways they are doing so is postponements of several major events like MotoGP, LPGA, music festivals and downscaling other celebrations like the upcoming Songkran Festival aka “The Water Festival”.

In regard to the Phuket Bike Week 2020, the organisers have met with the governor of Phuket to discuss the orders given by their prime minister on solving the issues related to the spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus in Thailand. Fearing for the safety of fellow attendees from the virus (which is getting worse by the day), other public events planned for March and April might just get cancelled or postponed altogether, including Phuket Bike Week 2020.

It’s indeed sad news to hear as we were hyped on attending this year’s extravaganza but with the increasing number of infected cases in Thailand (and everywhere else around the world for that matter), it’ll be a while before any major events will take place. If all goes south, we might even miss other major bike events this year like EICMA and Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Bummer.



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