Petronas Launches New Sprinta Engine Oil Range with Ultraflex™

  • New Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex™ promises to reduce engine stress which leads to signs like rattling noise and sluggishness

  • The Ultraflex™ technology and its unique formulation consists superior adaptive molecules to address diverging effects of bike stress

  • Nine variants available to cater to different motorcycles ranging from RM15 to RM70 per one-litre bottle

Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia (PLMM) just launched their latest engine oil range; the Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex™ as its new flagship range of motorcycle lubricants formulated specifically to reduce engine stress and promote longer bike life.

The new Sprinta with Ultraflex™ technology comes in nine different variants to suit and cater to the majority of 11.6 million motorcycles on Malaysian roads today. This range consists of the top-shelf Petronas Sprinta F900 10W-40 for high performance motorcycles all the way down to the Petronas Sprinta A300 10W-30 specifically blended for scooters.

According to Chief Executive Officer of PLMM, Mr Zubair Abdul Razak, he explained that “Daily usage puts a lot of stress on bike engines, even under normal riding conditions. As a result, many consumers constantly worry about their bikes breaking down, forcing them into costly repairs or major overhauls.”

With the new Sprinta range with Ultraflex™ formulation, Petronas claims that it can reduce engine stress of any motorcycles that are showing signs or symptoms such as rattling noise and sluggishness. The Sprinta with Ultraflex™ technology is able to tackle these problems head on with its unique formulation that consists of superior adaptive molecules to address diverging effects of bike stress.

When asked about what differentiates the new Petronas Sprinta Ultraflex™ with other engine oils available in the market, Petronas Lubricants International Regional Head for Asia Pacific, Mr Mohd Khalid Mohamed Latiff explained “Our growth ambition is built on technology as a fundamental differentiator to continuously deliver superior products and services to meet consumer needs, while preparing ourselves to capture rising market opportunities,”

He also added “Our commitment to research and technology includes a USD60 million investment in a technology centre in Turin, Italy, which will be completed at the end of this year.”

Together with the launch, PLMM, Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia (HLYM), Petronas Sprinta Yamaha-CKJ racing team and racing gears Furygan and Shark Helmets (from the Spartan Concept Store, Sunway) organized a “Better Ride with Sprinta Experience” to showcase their latest product by bringing participants for a few laps around the Sepang International Circuit North Track.

The leading rider on board the Yamaha Petronas Super Series racing machine from the Malaysian Cub Prix was none other than former Malaysian GP rider, Oh Kah Beng.

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The all new Petronas Sprinta with Ultraflex™ is already available for purchase. The price ranges from an affordable RM15 up to RM70 per one-litre bottle.



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