Petronas FP1 for sale in Malaysia? RM166,000!

Earlier last year, someone in the UK purchased a very rare Petronas FP1 superbike for a whopping £31,275, which was around RM167,000 at the time. Now, it seems that someone here in Malaysia is planning to let go of one and the bike is currently being put up for sale at one of Malaysia’s leading classified-ads website,

In the description, the buyer is asking for a cool RM166,000 for this rare and beautiful superbike but he/she is apparently open for negotiations. Fitted with the very rare Sauber Racing 899cc three-cylinder engine, the Petronas FP1 produces 127hp at 10,000rpm and 92Nm of torque at 9,700rpm.

Apparently, this particular machine is a road-legal model and comes with all the necessary on-road registration and documents. Other details include the year of manufacture (2002), delivery mileage only (we’re guessing it’s either never ridden or very rarely) and finished in Ganache Green.

The next question that comes to mind is, is it legit? We have so many questions going through our heads and one can’t really stray away from this being a possible scam (because and other similar websites do have the tendency to have active scammers preying on unsuspecting victims). Its enquiry email is especially suspicious which is

If it is indeed legit and you have the money, owning your very own Petronas FP1 superbike would be a dream come true for many folks around the globe. If interested, you check out the link by clicking HERE but be wary of scams and cheats. Be smart and ask around before forking out that much cash. You can basically get a 2020 BMW S 1000 RR M Sport package + fuel money for years with that asking price.

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Foggy-Petronas FP1 – Malaysia’s Own Superbike



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