PDRM Is Looking For Motorcyclist Caught Riding On Public Roads Without A Helmet

A video went viral on social media after a man was caught riding a Ducati Hypermotard on public roads without wearing a helmet. 

  • According to Rule 4, Motorcycle (Helmet) Rules 1973, motorcyclists who do not wear a helmet while riding can be charged a maximum compound of up to RM300.
  • The man in the video was seen testing a Ducati Hypermotard. 

The 11-second video also caught the attention of the Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department (JSPT), which is now on the lookout for the individual in the viral video. 

According to a Facebook post on Wednesday, the police ask the motorcyclist to come to a nearby police station to assist with the investigation. 

Members of the public who has any knowledge of the incident are also advised to contact the nearby police station immediately. 

Riding a motorcycle on a public road without a helmet is an offence according to Rule 4, Motorcycle (Helmet) Rules 1973 and can be charged a maximum compound of up to RM300. 



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